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Mobility Business Carsharing.

Order a new Mobility Business travelcard for your company now and we waive the travelcard fee for the first year.

Combined mobility.

Mobility Carsharing is the clever way to drive a car. By combining it with public transport you can travel inexpensively around the clock but avoid the obligations that go with a company fleet or your own car. Whether it is insurance, cleaning or repairs – there is no need to think about it.

Use the Mobility vehicles in conjunction with public transport. Of the 2,900 vehicles in 9 categories, you have access to around 1,150 cars at more than 400 stations in Switzerland. Whether it is a customer visit in Interlaken or a business lunch in Davos, the versatile Mobility fleet can be accessed 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Advantages of Mobility Carsharing.

  • Special offers for business customers
  • Flexible: vehicles are available in self-service around the clock.
  • Nationwide: 2,900 vehicles at 1,460 locations throughout Switzerland
  • Inexpensive: lower mobility and fleet costs
  • Transparent: invoices include detailed usage information.
  • Ecological: each individual business customer reduces their CO2 emissions by up to 250 kg per year.

Which business travelcard meets your requirements?

The costs for a journey with the Mobility travelcard are made up of annual travelcard fees plus the hourly and kilometre rates per journey. The hourly and kilometre rates can be found here.

Personal business travelcard.

  • Can only be used by the named employee
  • Ideal for frequent drivers
  • Detailed reporting for each travelcard / employee from Mobility

Transferable business travelcard.

  • Can be used alternately by several employees
  • Ideal for occasional requirements and for frequently changing use by staff
  • Detailed reporting per travelcard from Mobility

Well protected in every respect when travelling.

As a Mobility customer you are covered in the event of a claim due to third party liability, fully comprehensive and passenger insurance. With reduction of liability, you reduce your maximum excess from CHF 2,500 to CHF 300 per claim.*

* Plus any obligatory supplements for new and young drivers

Liability reduction per travelcard/year

Personal travelcard (including VAT)

CHF 150

Liability reduction per travelcard/year

Transferable travelcard (including VAT)

CHF 450


Order a Mobility Business annual travelcard free of charge now.

You choose whether the personal or transferable travelcard suits you and your company better. If it is not cancelled, the travelcard is extended automatically after the first year and is then charged (personal travelcard CHF 120, transferable travelcard CHF 250; including VAT). When ordering, you accept the Mobility GTCs.

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