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You will find answers here to the most frequently asked questions on SBB Businesstravel.

Should you have any further questions on SBB Businesstravel, please contact our Businesstravel Service Center.


A special refund procedure applies to tickets purchased via SBB Businesstravel. 

Did you buy your ticket in the SBB Ticket Shop for private customers (i.e. not as part of a Businesstravel contract)? If so, please follow this link.

Refunds for Swiss tickets:
You can request a credit note for partially or completely unused tickets bought via SBB Businesstravel. Please use the forms below. An administration fee of CHF 10 is charged for the refund of each ticket.

Online form:

MS Word form:

Refunds for international tickets:
You can request a credit note for partially or completely unused tickets using the forms below.

As only the passengers named on the ticket are permitted to travel, the OnlineTicket must be cancelled and rebooked in the event of a change (e.g. to the number of passengers).

Excess is charged for each ticket refunded. The amount of credit you receive will vary depending on when you send your request. If possible, send your tickets before the departure time of your booked train; this usually reduces the excess. The date on which you sent your refund request by e-mail, or the postmark if you sent your request by post, will determine how much excess you are charged.

Online form:

MS Word form:


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Whether you are an executive, a travel manager or a business traveller – here we show you the quickest way on our sites to the information you need for your specific interest and tasks. 

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