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SBB Businesscard: travel and pay simply.

SBB Businesscard: travel and pay simply.

The SBB Businesscard is accepted as a means of cashless payment in more than 24 million businesses worldwide. With this Visa company credit card, you also benefit from discounts on Mobility Business Carsharing and you can even open the rental vehicles. And you may call up purchases with SBB on the online portal, MyOnlineServices, in a separate display at any time.

Your benefits

Favourable conditions.

The SBB Businesscard Classic is free in the first year. If CHF 10,000 or more is spent on the card in a year, the SBB Businesscard Classic is also free of charge the following year. You can enjoy the benefits of the SBB Businesscard Gold with many additional services for CHF 180 per year. The annual fees may also be waived depending on the yearly spend. We also offer additional cards with the main card at favourable conditions.

(More in “conditions” tab)

Mobility Carsharing: combined mobility made even simpler.

The SBB Businesscard simplifies your access to Mobility Business Carsharing – you can use it not only to book and pay online but also to open the rental vehicles.

You pay CHF 120 per year for a personal Mobility travelcard. In the first year you receive a CHF 100 drive credit voucher and from the second year a credit of CHF 25 per year.

And with the SBB Businesscard, you do not pay an excess in the event of a claim – excess waiver insurance is included with the SBB Businesscard.

You will find further information on Mobility Business Carsharing here.

The Mobility subscription with your SBB Businesscard is optional. Please select the relevant field in the card application if you would like a Mobility subscription.

Online portal: A summary of all transactions.

In your personal customer account on the online portal, MyOnlineServices, you can call up your purchases at any time with the SBB Businesscard. You can display purchases via the following SBB points of sale in a separate list:

Best protection.

Attractive insurance from Allianz, including PT-specific cover, is included with the SBB Businesscard. With the SBB Businesscard Gold you are insured even more comprehensively: it includes shopping legal protection, loss of card as well as travel delay insurance.

Efficient expenses management.

The SBB Businesscard is accepted in more than 24 million businesses worldwide and is therefore the ideal companion for your business travel. As you and your employees can pay for almost all business expenditure using this Visa credit card, expenses management is simplified and cost control improved in your company. Your administrative work is therefore reduced and you have more time for your main tasks.

Contactless payment more quickly.

Contactless means that you do not have to place your card in the card reader. You can even pay small amounts up to CHF 40 without the PIN code or signature.

Highest security level.

Thanks to the integrated chip and PIN code, the SBB Businesscard offers the highest level of security worldwide. Nevertheless, if something happens, our card blocking service is available for you around the clock. If you lose your card, we assume the costs for any misuse from the time you register the loss.

More flexibility.

With the SBB Businesscard, you have the choice of paying the entire invoice amount at once or in convenient instalments. We can set up temporary or permanent limit increases for you quickly and without bureaucracy.

Excellent customer satisfaction.

The SBB Businesscard is issued by AG, whose products are always among the best with regard to foreign transactions and cash payments. In surveys on customer satisfaction, payment cards from AG have achieved the highest scores for many years.



With all cards you benefit from the following advantages:

  • Free imprinting of the company name on the credit card (2nd line)
  • Free access to MyOnlineServices (transactions, account balance and bills)
  • Separate calling up of SBB purchases at MyOnlineServices
  • Monthly billing
  • Payment terms: 25 days
  • Payment by direct debit or payment slip
  • Attractive foreign currency processing fee of just 0.9%

Save with favourable conditions.

Save with favourable conditions.

SBB Businesscard Classic
SBB Businesscard Gold

Main cardAdditional cardMain cardAdditional card
Annual fee 1st yearFreeFreeCHF 180.–
CHF 90.–
Annual fee: following yearsCHF 60.–CHF 30.–CHF 180.–CHF 90.–
Card spend bonus*CHF 10 000.–
CHF 5000.–
CHF 20 000.–
CHF 10 000.–
Replacement cardCHF 30.–
Replacement PIN codeCHF 10.–
Maximum excess for misuseCHF 100.–
CHF 0.–

* With this card spend the annual fee for the credit card is waived for the following year.

Card application

Order your SBB Businesscard now.

Download the card application required as a PDF file here. You can complete this on the screen and then print it out. Please send the signed application to the following address: AG
P.O. Box
8021 Zurich


General questions about the SBB Businesscard

Who is Bonuscard? AG, based in Zurich, delivers services in the field of card business and is responsible for issuing the SBB Businesscard Classic & Gold.

What is the cost of the credit cards?
You will find the cost summary here.

What services does SBB Businesscard offer?
You will find a detailed summary of all product services here.

What’s the difference between SBB Businesscard Gold and SBB Businesscard Classic?
With the SBB Businesscard Gold, you will benefit from many additional services, such as:

PT-specific insurance:

  • Excess cover (defrayal of excess costs for online ticket return)
    Refund of the CHF 10 fee charged for unused tickets. For a maximum of 5 instances per year, maximum CHF 50.
  • Refund of unforeseen costs for trains delayed for more than 30 minutes
  • Travel legal protection insurance

Additional insurance:

  • Purchase protection
  • Goods return insurance
  • Shopping legal protection

Free services:

  • Free replacement card 
  • Free replacement PIN code 
  • No excess for misuse

Who is entitled to order an SBB Businesscard?
The SBB Businesscard is a business credit card exclusively for business customers. Private individuals are not entitled to apply for an SBB Businesscard.

A company account with SBB Businesstravel is not a necessary requirement to be able to order the SBB Businesscard.

Is the credit card transferable?
No, it is a personal credit card that may only be used by the cardholder.

Can I purchase services for third parties with the SBB Businesscard? For example, can a secretary book tickets for employees centrally or can the SBB Businesscard be used to make bookings and pay for SBB Businesstravel for several profiles (different people)?
No, it is a personal credit card that may only be used by the cardholder. Any transactions made on behalf of third parties are the responsibility of the cardholder. The insurance benefits apply to the cardholder and not to third parties.

What happens during the transition stage (SBB Businesscard ordered but not yet received)?
Until you have received your SBB Businesscard, please draw all SBB services as usual. After receiving the card, please register it on SBB Businesstravel under your personal profile and on in order to buy tickets more easily and to see your mobility costs clearly on a structured statement. For instructions click here.

Can I also use the SBB Businesscard for private purchases?
No, the SBB Businesscard is a business credit card and is exclusively for business expenses.

How can I save the SBB Businesscard in my personal profile on SBB Businesstravel?
You can save your SBB Businesscard information in the SBB Ticket Shop Business as a method of payment: under menu item “My account”, select “Payment information” and enter your SBB Businesscard data.

Whom should I contact in the event of problems or questions?
You will find the summary of contacts here.

Complaints about card transactions.
Should unknown, too high or unauthorised debits show on your monthly bill, we would ask you to complete the following form, sign it and send it to us.

Card holder confirmation for queried transactions (PDF)

Applying for a card

Where do I find the card application?
The application form for main and additional cards can be found here.

Can I combine the SBB Businesscard with my Half-Fare travelcard or GA travelcard?
No, this combination is not available.

Can schools order an SBB Businesscard?
During the application process for schools, we require confirmation from the municipality that the legal signatories on the application for the school are also authorised to sign for legal transactions. Identification (for legal signatories and cardholders) is obviously also still a requirement.

Can associations order an SBB Businesscard?
For associations we require a copy of the extract from the commercial register (if registered in the commercial register). We also need a copy of the organisation’s statutes, in which the signature authorisation for legal transactions must be regulated if the association is not registered in the commercial register.

Which documents have to be included with the card application?

  • Application completed in full and signed by legally valid persons.
  • Copy of a valid official ID for the legally valid signatories (applicants), e.g. passport, ID card front and back, Swiss driving licence or residence permit.
  • Copy of the Commercial Register extract (no more than 12 months old). For societies and associations, please include a copy of the statutes and, if required, enclose the list of authorised signatures for legal business.

How long does it take for me to receive my SBB Businesscard?
After the application form is despatched to AG, it takes approximately 2 to 3 weeks.


Mobility car sharing

I have selected the Mobility function on the card request form. What happens next?
The customer will receive the documents, including the contract, from Mobility a few days after the card application has been sent. The contract must be signed and returned to Mobility with a copy of a valid driver's licence (front and back). If the documents are complete and there are no objections, your Mobility account will be activated immediately.
Your PIN will be sent by post separately at the same time as the first documents. It will then be possible to log in at although reservations cannot be made until the Mobility account has been activated.

What Mobility subscription does it involve?
It is a personal Mobility-Basic subscription for business customers. Details can be found here.

I am already a Mobility customer; how can I benefit from the low price offer?
You must first duly cancel your existing Mobility subscription before you can benefit from our combined offer.

I would like to activate the Mobility function retrospectively. How does this work?       
Contact us via e-mail at We will be pleased to activate this service retrospectively.

Is my Mobility subscription transferable?
No, this is a personal Mobility subscription that cannot be transferred to other people.

How do I reserve a Mobility car?
You will find detailed information about the reservation process at

I have a damage claim with a Mobility car, what about the costs?
Holders of the SBB Businesscard automatically benefit from excess waiver insurance, which provides excess cover of up to CHF 5000 for damage to rental vehicles. Mobility sends the invoice with the excess to the Mobility subscriber who pays the invoice and applies for refund with the insurance partner (Allianz Insurance).

I have cancelled the credit card but the Mobility subscription is still valid. What happens now?
It remains valid until your Mobility subscription expires. Vehicles can still be opened using the SBB Businesscard.

How can I pay my Mobility bill automatically with my SBB Businesscard?
In the Mobility customer portal you have the option of selecting the method of payment “via credit card debit” under “Profile” and “Payment method” and you can enter and save the SBB Businesscard in the profile.

Can a company combine personal Mobility subscriptions (i.e. with SBB Businesscard) as well as transferable company subscriptions?
If a company prefers Mobility subscriptions, this is easily possible (also in combination with personal subscriptions). Drive credit vouchers as mentioned in the offer will only be issued for personal subscriptions.

How can I cancel the Mobility option only?
Please contact Mobility customer service on 0848 824 812.

Credit limit

How do I find out the credit limit of the card?
The current credit limit was given in the welcome letter in which you received the card. Failing notification to AG within 30 days, you agree with this limit.

What must I do if I want a temporary limit increase?
You will find the corresponding form in MyOnlineServices under “Service” and “Account/Card".Choose either “Temporary limit” or “Permanent limit” according to your requirements. For short-term limit increases please call +41 58 717 21 90 (24h Customer Service, local rate) or e-mail


What insurance is included?
You will find a summary of all insurance here.
If you have any detailed questions about your insurance, please contact Allianz customer service on 0800 22 33 44.

What services are included in the respective insurance?
You will find all details in the general conditions of insurance (CGI).


When do I receive my card statement?
Your account statement includes each month’s transactions. It can be viewed from the 4th day of the following month on MyOnlineServices. The designated invoice recipient will receive the bill by post a few days later.

What are the terms of payment?
The payment terms are 25 days.

I do not want a printed copy of the invoice, how can I unsubscribe from this service?
Yes, you can find a detailed user manual here.

I do not agree with a transaction, what do I do?
Use the “Complaints” form, which you will find under in the headers “Service” and “Invoice”.

I have not received a deposit slip for payment. What should I do?
You can quickly and easily send a request for a new online banking deposit slip via under the headings “Service” and “Invoice”.

For payments via bank or post you can also use the deposit slip from your last invoice.

I would now like to pay by direct debit. What should I do?
You should fill out the form “Direct Debit Procedure” on MyOnlineServices under the headings “Service” and “Invoice” and send it to your bank (direct debit from your bank) or directly to AG (direct debit by post).


What is MyOnlineServices?
MyOnlineServices is the free online portal for all SBB Businesscard customers. Simply log into and you will find the summary of all transactions, your current account status and the limits – anytime and anywhere. Your SBB purchases can be displayed using a filter (transport type) in a separate list.

How do I register with MyOnlineServices?
You will find detailed instructions here.

I already have access to MyOnlineServices for another credit card. Do I need a new user name / password for the SBB?
No, you do not require a new user name / new password. You can select the relevant credit card in MyOnlineServices.

If you cannot see all of the cards, please use the form under “Service”, “Account/Card” and “Product Overview”.

How quickly can I see purchases on MyOnlineServices?
Data on MyOnlineServices is updated daily.The account statement also includes all transactions from one calendar month. It can be viewed from the 4th day of the following month on MyOnlineServices.

Replacements, lost cards, modifications

How do I replace a damaged card?      
All types of card can be replaced as often as required. AG has sole responsibility for this. SBB Businesscard Classic cardholders must pay CHF 30 for a replacement card, while it is free for SBB Businesscard Gold cardholders.

Lost card: what should I do?
In the event of loss or theft, call the 24h card blocking service immediately on +41 58 717 21 90.

What should I do if my name or address changes?
If the company address changes (legal domicile or correspondence address) or if the name of the company changes, you must inform AG in writing, together with a copy of the updated Commercial Register extract.
If the name of the cardholder changes, you must also inform AG in writing. Please enclose a copy of the new valid ID ([passport, front and back of ID, Swiss driving licence, or residence permit).

Cancelling a card

How can I cancel my existing credit card?
Inform your credit card company of your cancellation in writing.

How can I cancel my SBB Businesscard?
The credit card holder can request the blocking of the card and/or terminate the contract in writing at any time and without giving reasons. The cancellation of the main card or the account will automatically cancel all additional cards.
If the cardholder does not wish to renew a card or additional cards, they must inform AG at least two months before the card expires, otherwise applicable fees may be charged.

The form can be downloaded at under the headers “Services”, “Account / Card” and “Cancellation”. Important: the signature of the authorised person or the legally valid signature according to the commercial register is required. If a person is given mutation rights, the signature of that person is sufficient. The rights can be deleted on the same form if required (checkbox).


Definition of the access rights for company accounts

Please use the following form (PDF) to define people in your company as entitled to information or access or to make modifications:

Form access rights (PDF)

Please send this form to us together with the card application.


We will be pleased to answer your questions. You will find our contact details here:

Any questions on the order, purchases and bills for your SBB Businesscard:

+41 58 717 21 90 (24-hour customer service, local rate)
or via e-mail to

Questions on business travel, SBB Businesstravel, SBB Ticket Shop Business or SBB Mobile Business:

0848 111 456 (Mon–Fri, 8.00 a.m. to 5.30 p.m., local rate)
or via e-mail to

Questions on Mobility:

0848 824 812 (24-hour call centre, local rate)
or via e-mail to

Questions on insurance with Allianz:

+41 58 358 71 11 (Mon–Fri, 7.30 a.m. to 6.00 p.m., local rate)

For claims (24-hour assistance, local rate):

From Switzerland: 0800 22 33 44
From abroad: +41 43 311 99 11


"I have lots of partners in the Internet sector and I often travel abroad on business. The SBB Businesscard exchange rates are extremely advantageous, so this is the only company credit card I use when I travel. It is perfect for everyday use thanks to the online overview and dramatically reduces your administrative workload. The link to Mobility Carsharing is very helpful – I often use this ingenious solution and definitely recommend it."


Balz Hug

Managing Director

CleverBridge AG, Ebnat-Kappel

"The main advantage of the SBB Businesscard is clearly the low card fees. We also appreciate the transparency of the invoicing. Ordering the card was quick and self-explanatory. We are extremely satisfied with the SBB Businesscard."


Marco Bilotta

Managing Director

TRIMACO Systeme GmbH, Zürich     

"We opted for the SBB Businesscard because it is very useful for business trips and we can use it as a means of payment in the SBB Businesstravel online portal. It was easy to order the SBB Businesscard and it was delivered quickly. We are very happy with our choice."


Daniel Huber

Member of the Management Board

5 Architekten AG, Wettingen        

Prices and product specifications are subject to modifications.


For questions about ordering your SBB Businesscard:

+41 58 717 21 90 (24-hour customer service, local charge) or e-mail: