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SBB Mobile Business. Your ticket counter on the go.

SBB Mobile Business offers:

SBB MobileTicket for business travellers
  • Door-to-door travel information
  • Real-time information in the event of an incident
  • “Take me Home” function with GPS support
  • Buy and display tickets for public transport services
  • Pay for tickets using your company’s credit card/accounts department
  • Retrieve expenses receipts online
  • Business customer discount dependent on sales figures



You can download SBB Mobile Business onto your smartphone or tablet (e.g. iPad or Samsung Galaxy Tab) from the following stores:

OSDevicesStoreSystem requirements
iOSiPhone, iPad, iPod touch
operating system 7.0 or above
Androidall Android smartphones and tabletsoperating system 2.1 or above
Windows Phoneall Windows Phone 8 smartphonesoperating system 8.0 or above

Register to purchase tickets on your smartphone.

To purchase tickets using the app, you need a SBB Ticket Shop Business account.
You can register here. If you already have an SBB Ticket Shop Business login, you only need to download the SBB Mobile Business application. When you want to buy your first tickets, simply enter your usual login details for SBB Ticket Shop Business (user name, password, contract number).

Note: An alternative is to use the mobile timetable ( and SBB Ticket Shop Business online at


Timetable features.

  • Direct online enquiries using iPhone or iPod touch
  • Enter stations/stops, addresses and landmarks
  • Retrieve start/destination from Contacts
  • Urban, national and international timetables (as per SBB online timetable)
  • Real-time information in the event of an incident (delays, alternative connections, cancellations, platform alterations, rail traffic information, strikes and occupancy display)
  • Intermediate stop display (route information)
  • Start/destination can be viewed in Google Maps
  • GPS support (search for nearby stations/stops)
  • “Take me Home” function

Real-time timetable.

All the information you need, even when you’re on the move: up-to-date arrival and departure times, platform alterations, etc. are available in real time throughout your journey.

Correct to the address.

You can create your route enquiries using an extendable adaptive favourites list that recognises individual addresses and points of interest as well as stations (approx. 28’000) and stops (approx 6’000).

Map support.

Are you unfamiliar with your departure point or destination? Find your current position and the nearest station or stop using Google Maps and then transfer this to your route enquiry. Or use the “Take me Home” function: SBB Mobile can get you home from any point in Switzerland in the best possible way using GPS support.

Ticket options.

  • Purchase and display tickets on your smartphone or tablet.
  • Display OnlineTickets that you purchased with your user account at SBB Ticket Shop Business (all tickets in this summary  with the issue option “Print at desk”).
  • Purchase via the timetable.
  • Purchase by entering your departure and destination stations.

Under “Favourites”, you can easily place a repeat order for tickets you have already purchased. You can display your tickets via the menu item “Tickets”, “Display ticket”.
Tip: To retrieve your ticket even more quickly, open the programme, shake your smartphone and your most recent ticket will be displayed straight away.

Please note:

  • If you are not returning on the same day, please buy a single ticket for each day of your journey.
  • You must buy your MobileTicket before the scheduled departure time of your chosen mode of transport.
  • When your ticket is checked, you must show the member of staff a valid official form of identification in the name of the person travelling in addition to your MobileTicket. If you hold a Half-Fare or GA travelcard, it is sufficient to present your travelcard.

Expenses receipts.

As a business customer, you will find the app particularly useful. You can buy your tickets on the move at any time up to shortly before you depart and need not worry afterwards about your expenses receipts as the tickets you buy will be automatically billed to your account and the accounts department linked to it. The manager of your company’s accounts department can retrieve a detailed statement from SBB Businessmanager every 14 days.

If you still need a physical receipt, you can download this from SBB Ticket Shop Business. Once you have logged in, choose the function “My account” and then “My orders”. Here you can find all the tickets you have purchased, including MobileTickets. Simply select the MobileTicket you are looking for and click on the “Expenses receipt” link.

Ticket for accompanying passengers.

“Ticket for accompanying passengers” offers the option of purchasing the same ticket for a maximum of 8 additional passengers travelling with you. The class and destinations cannot be changed. Please note: When buying tickets for accompanying passengers, you must travel together for the outward and return journeys.


MobileTickets are purchased using the payment method stored in your SBB Ticket Shop Business profile. This is either your company’s accounts department or your company credit card.

The following credit cards are accepted:

  • VISA
  • Mastercard
  • Diners
  • Amexco
  • JCB
  • AirPlus

Available tickets.

The following range of tickets is available from the SBB Mobile Shop:

National tickets.

  • Standard tickets Switzerland
  • Class upgrade (on specific route)
  • 1-day travelpass (with Half-Fare travelcard)
  • Class upgrade for a day for GA or travelpass
  • 1-day travelpass valid from 9 a.m. (with Half-Fare travelcard)
  • Class upgrade for a day from 9 a.m.
  • Day pass
  • 1-day travelpass for children
  • Day pass full fare for bicycle
  • Day pass reduced fare for bicycle
  • 1-day travelpass for dogs
  • Seat reservations for certain trains within Switzerland

Regional tickets.

Traffic communitiesTickets
Zürcher VerkehrsverbundSingle ticket/day pass, 9 o’clock day pass, class upgrade, zone upgrade, supplement night network, ZürichCARD 24 hours, ZürichCARD 72 hours, Individual ticket/Day Pass city network Zürich (Zone 10), Individual ticket/Day Pass city network Winterthur (Zone 20)
Ostwind (St. Gallen, Appenzell, Thurgau)Single ticket, day pass, day pass PLUS, extension ticket, single ticket Frauenfeld, class upgrade, supplement night network
A-Welle (Aargau)Single ticket, day pass, 9 o'clock day pass, supplement night network, class upgrade, extension ticket
Libero (Bern, Solothurn)Single ticket, day pass, class upgrade, extension ticket
Passepartout (Luzern, Obwalden, Nidwalden)Single ticket, day pass, class upgrade, supplement night network
Mobilis (Vaud)Single ticket, class upgrade, zone upgrade, day pass, supplement night network Pyjama
Tarifverbund NordwestschweizSingle ticket, day pass, centre day pass, special ticket, class upgrade
unireso (Genève)Single ticket, day pass, day pass from 9 o'clock, class upgrade
Onde Verte (Neuchâtel)Single ticket, 24 hours card, class upgrade, extension ticket,
Tarifverbund ZugSingle ticket, day pass, class upgrade, Schwyz and Zug Tariff Community combined day pass, supplement night network
Frimobil (Fribourg/Freiburg)Single ticket, day pass, class upgrade, extension ticket
Tarifverbund SchwyzSingle ticket, day pass, class upgrade, Schwyz and Zug Tariff Community combined day pass, supplement night network
Tarifverbund Berner OberlandSingle ticket Bödeli, day pass Bödeli
FlexTax (Schaffhausen)Single ticket, day pass, class upgrade, extension ticket, supplement night network

NB: The range of tickets available is regularly expanded.

Please note that MobileTickets are only ever valid for one day.
Some fare network tickets may also have a time limit.
You cannot buy international tickets or travelcards via the app.

Other functions.

  • The connections or purchased tickets displayed may be saved as favourites and then simply renewed.
  • RSS feeds (rail traffic information and SBB media releases)
  • All timetable enquiries and ticket purchases may be viewed in the history list
  • Languages: English, German, French and Italian
  • Automatic updates as soon as these are available


SBB Mobile is available free of charge from the iTunes App store, the Google Play Store or from the Windows Phone Store . All you pay are the data transmission costs charged by your mobile network provider when downloading the application and when calling up timetables