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SBB Partner Service – get tickets even more quickly.


More and more people are travelling by rail. To enable your travel agency to benefit from this growing market while at the same providing your customers extra service, we recommend our new solution that is both simple and advantageous: SBB Partner Service.

With SBB Partner Services you quickly and simply buy tickets and reservations, without in-depth knowledge of the railway. Print it, manage it and send it electronically - without special infrastructure. SBB Partners Service is the first step of the comprehensive modernization of our distribution systems.

The advantages for you

  • You issue electronic tickets for Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Milan and Paris yourself and send them straightforwardly to your customers via e-mail. Short-term bookings are also possible in this way.
  • You can reserve and book for groups of up to five people.
  • Advantageous fare options (e.g. supersaver tickets for Germany, France and Austria) will be displayed to you automatically.
  • You have access to the real time timetable (line interruptions and re-routings of traffic).
  • You can issue travelcards, such as the GA travelcard, Half-Fare travelcard and regional travelcards.
  • The managed booking process is simple and self-explanatory. Beside this, additional fields are available for user-defined data for each booking.
  • Faster booking process than Railticketing (up to twice as fast in pilot trials).
  • Technical and fare questions are answered by our competent Helpdesk team.
  • You can transfer the data from SBB Partner Service to your back-office application. Clear statistics and analyses complete the offer.

NB: Tickets and travelcards that cannot be purchased online can be sent to you by the Businesstravel Service Center when ordered. Or you can alternatively collect them from any staffed station.

Technical requirements

All you need at your point of sale is internet access and an up-to-date browser.

The transaction interface will enable you to carry out further processing of sales data (file numbers, user IDs, passenger names, fares, value-added tax, booking and travel data, ticket numbers, product names, routes, reference text etc.) in your back office. An XML file for every ticket sold is placed on your FTP server for the importation of sales data into your middle or front-office application.

You can e-mail to obtain the detailed interface specification.


Commission model.

SBB pays you commission on international tickets and reservations. Commission is credited to you twice a year in arrears, in July and January.

Commission on reservations (including all-inclusive fares):


SBB (national reservations):


SNCF (inc. Lyria and TGVs within France), RENFE, Eurostar and Thalys:


Other railways:


Commission on ticket sales:


SBB (national tickets):


All international rail services:


NB: Commission is payable on the Swiss content of international rail tickets and reservations at the same rate as the foreign content.

Contractual preconditions and collection.

The contractual basis of the collaboration is the General Terms and Conditions (T&C) and the distribution agreement. For an annual turnover up to CHF 30 000 we accept a credit card as payment. For higher volumes we require a bank guarantee of one twelfth of annual sales, with a minimum of CHF 5 000. If you have already provided a sales guarantee via Railticketing, a second guarantee is not required. Payment is by direct debit only (DD).



Please register with the Registration form. We shall then send you the distribution agreement and the DD form for signature.

Once we have received the forms, completed and signed, we shall activate the SBB Partner Service for you. You will receive your user name and password by e-mail.

If you have any questions about the collaboration (contract, commission, charges, interface details etc.), we shall be happy to answer them personally. Simply contact us at:

SBB Distribution and Services
Channel management and Partner sales
Wylerstrasse 123/125
3000 Berne 65



SBB Distribution and Services
Channel management and Partner sales
Wylerstrasse 123/125
3000 Berne 65