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Optimise costs while protecting the environment.

Switching to public transport to keep your employees on the move protects the environment, makes travelling more relaxing and more productive, and also offers financial advantages.

Car journeys and flights are generally more expensive than train journeys. With a 2nd class GA travelcard, the cost per kilometre is just CHF 0.146 (based on 25,000 km/year). And what's more, your employees can use travel time on the train as working time and thus increase their productivity.

As a company, you can lessen parking problems and also enjoy tax advantages by promoting the use of public transport.

Online calculator and examples

Calculate your potential savings online right away.

Calculate your potential savings online right away.
Commuter calculator.Cost comparison.
Calculate how much you can save on your daily commute with public transport in four easy steps.Determine how much your company can save by switching to public transport with only a few clicks.

We have put together some interesting examples for you below:

Four times cheaper than by car.

One kilometre by car costs around 65 centimes**. With a 1st class GA travelcard, you save
40 centimes per kilometre, and around 50 centimes in 2nd class. You therefore pay around three to four times less.

Your savings potential with a 2nd class GA travelcard.

Your savings potential with a 2nd class GA travelcard.


Car costs*

Costs* with a 2nd class GA travelcard

Percentage saving

Actual annual

saving per employee

Per kilometre

CHF 0.65**

CHF 0.15


CHF 12 595

Per month

CHF 1000***

CHF 305


CHF 8 345


* For 25,000 km/year. Annual price for the 2nd class GA travelcard, CHF 3860

** Example for vehicle price as new: CHF 42 000. Source:

*** Fixed mobility costs (leasing/fuel/parking costs). These costs are calculated on average costs based on experience.

High potential for savings.

Your company can make good savings if your employees abandon their cars in favour of public transport and you finance public transport travelcards instead of paying based on kilometres driven. If you have ten employees, an annual saving of CHF 126,000 is feasible.

Additional examples.

Additional examples.
Number of employeesAnnual savings in CHF
10126 000
50630 000
1001 260 000
2002 520 000
5006 300 000
100012 600 000
200025 200 000
500063 000 000
10 000126 000 000

(Basis for the calculation: annual mileage of 25,000 km; costs of travelling by car reimbursed at a rate of CHF 0.65/km; a 2nd class GA travelcard costs CHF 3,860)

Financing model

Paying for public transport travelcards does not necessarily lead to higher costs.

A sustainable car park management system ensures that car drivers and public transport users are treated equally while your costs remain the same.

Rather than giving your employees additional money, the most effective way of promoting travel by public transport is to make use of specific travelcards or vouchers used to pay for travelcards. In this way you can also part finance travelcards for your employees using Rail Checks, e-vouchers or promotional codes.

But the GA travelcard is by no means the only option - point-to-point travelcards for the daily journey to work or regional travelcards for the respective region are lower cost alternatives. You are sure to find the best solution among our range of commuter travelcards.

Our team of experienced customer assistants will be happy to help you create your ideal financing model!

Tax advantages

Various tax advantages make paying for travel by public transport an attractive option for companies as well as employees.

In agreement with the relevant tax authorities, public transport travelcards purchased for employees can be declared a business necessity under certain conditions. A VAT pre-tax deduction may be claimed for travelcards and tickets that are deemed necessary for business. This saves the company up to 8 percent.

Furthermore, social security contributions do not have to be paid on business purchases and this could save the company a further 5.15 percent on its AHV (Old Age and Survivors Insurance)/IV (invalidity insurance)/EO (income compensation regulations) contributions. The benefits for the employees resulting from the employer assuming the cost of travel more than outweigh their tax disadvantages.

Gifts and vouchers given to employees and valued at up to CHF 500 are exempt from tax and social security contributions and do not have to be included on a payslip. The Half-Fare travelcard is always free of tax. E-vouchers and promotional codes, like physical vouchers, are subject to the conventional rules for payslips and/or tax liability.

Here you will find model regulations regarding expenses (in German) and further information (in German) about payslips drawn up by the Swiss Tax Conference.

Our customer advisors would be happy to answer any other questions you may have about taxes and payslip requirements!

Car park management system

Active car park management is an excellent way of controlling commuter mobility.

There are many good reasons to use sustainable car park management as a means of steering employees away from using their cars and towards travelling by public transport:

  • It eliminates parking bottlenecks
  • It creates cost transparency
  • Car-driving and non-car-driving employees can enjoy equal fringe benefits
  • It promotes public transport and non-motorised transport
  • The volume of traffic and its negative impact on the environment are reduced
  • There are no additional costs as the employees using their cars contribute to car parking costs

The ideal solutions may vary depending on the available parking space and quality of the public transport links enjoyed by a company.

Our team of experienced account managers will be happy to advise you!

Discounts for business customers

If you sign up for SBB Businesstravel, purchases from SBB Ticket Shop Business and SBB Mobile Business will benefit from attractive discounts:

Sales in CHFDiscount
starting from  7 000 00010.0%
starting from  6 000 0009.5%
starting from  5 000 0009.0%
starting from  4 000 0008.5%
starting from  3 000 0008.0%
starting from  2 500 0007.5%
starting from  2 000 0007.0%
starting from  1 500 0006.5%
starting from  1 000 0006.0%
starting from     750 0005.5%
starting from     500 0005.0%
starting from     250 0004.5%
starting from     100 0004.0%
starting from       50 0003.5%
starting from       30 0003.0%
starting from       20 0002.5%
starting from       10 0002.0%
up to                     10 0000.0%

Fare network tickets and travelcards, multipack of 1-day travelpasses (6 for 5), tickets for special promotions and group tickets are not discounted. No discount is given in the first year of use.

Travel guidelines

Here’s how to make your travel guidelines effective.

Most companies have guidelines for business trips, but they are not always comprehensive and not all employees stick to them. What can you do?

This document is only available in German and French.



Our business trip specialists would be happy to help your company draw up or revise your travel guidelines. Please do not hesitate to contact us: