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Make full use of your travel time – arrive relaxed.

Whether you want to work as you commute or travel to visit customers, or whether you just want to sit back and relax - travelling by train affords you the time to do so.

In comparison with other modes of transport, such as cars or aeroplanes, almost all of the time spent travelling by train is time that can be used. Here are a few examples of national and international connections:

National (train vs. car)

FromToTravel time by train
Travel time by car
Usable time by train 1)Usable time by car2)
ZurichBern0:56 h1:16 h0:46 h0:07 h
ZurichSt. Gallen1:06 h0:54 h0:56 h0:05 h
ZurichBasel0:53 h0:52 h0:43 h0:04 h
ZurichLugano2:37 h2:11 h2:27 h0:12 h
GenevaLausanne0:33 h0:42 h0:23 h0:03 h
GenevaBern1:41 h1:36 h1:31 h0:09 h
LucerneBasel1:01 h0:59 h0:51 h0:05 h

1) Calculation of usable time when travelling by train: train time -10 minutes
2) Usable time when travelling by car: Various studies have shown that travelling by car offers virtually no usable time. Certain activities (e.g. holding discussions, using the telephone) can be carried out, but even these are restricted. Therefore, 10 percent of the journey time can be classed as usable time - this is after deducting two minutes each for getting in and out of the car.

International (train vs. air plane)

Journey time by trainJourney time on a flight1)Usable time by train2)Usable time on a flight3)
BaselParis3:03 h3:30 h2:53 h0:50 h
BaselFrankfurt (Main)2:49 h3:15 h2:39 h0:40 h
BaselStrasbourg1:18 h3:20 h1:08 h0:50 h
BaselCologne3:53 h4:05 h4)3:43 h 0:50 h
ZurichStuttgart2:58 h3:10 h2:48 h0:25 h
ZurichMunich4:11 h3:30 h4:01 h0:40 h
ZurichInnsbruck3:26 h5:45 h4)3:16 h2:00 h
ZurichMilan3:41 h3:45 h3:31 h0:40 h
BernFrankfurt (Main)3:49 h4:05 h3:39 h0:50 h
BernParis4:03 h4:00 h3:53 h1:00 h
GenevaMilan3:53 h5:10 h3:43 h0:50 h
GenevaParis3:05 h3:20 h2:55 h0:50 h
LausanneParis3:38 h3:34 h 3:28 h 1:25 h 

1) Incl. check-in/check-out and transfer. Flight times are approximate and subject to change.
2) Calculation of usable time when travelling by train: train time -10 minutes
3) Calculation of usable time when travelling by aeroplane: flight time -20 minutes
4) No direct flights