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Environmentally friendly travel by train.

To transport a person 100 kilometres, SBB only uses about the same amount of energy as you get out of a litre of petrol. What's more, most of this energy is eco-friendly electricity.

The proof: travelling by train cuts energy consumption by 75% and CO2 emissions by 95%.

As a company, you have the power to opt for environmentally friendly rail-based transport. We offer a variety of tools to help you make these decisions.

We can also create an individual emissions report for our regular customers.

Decision-making aids

Tools to help you decide on sustainable mobility options for your business.

The web-based Mobitool, developed by SBB in cooperation with a number of partners, is an excellent tool with a view to calculating the environmental impact of your mobility needs. It allows users to carry out an analysis covering all aspects of mobility: customer travel, business travel, freight logistics and commuting.

"Mobitool" provides a simple and convenient way for you to calculate your company's corporate travel position in terms of energy needs, CO2 emissions, costs and time requirements. You only need to choose four criteria under "Mobicheck" for the online calculator to be able to provide you with an estimate.

Another handy tool is the SBB online timetable: this can be used to calculate the environmental impact of any journey. To request your calculation, just click on the "Environment" symbol on the journey details page.

Other data and facts relating to green travel which may be of interest can be found on our Sustainable Mobility web pages.

Individual emissions report

Your very own emissions report.

SBB Businesstravel's special service for regular customers: we will create an individual emissions report for you based on the business trips booked via SBB Businesstravel.

To create an emissions report, we evaluate the majority of all booked journeys and travelcards over a specific period of time:

  • Distance travelled by train in passenger-km
  • Overview of tickets booked (national and international) and travelcards
  • CO2 savings achieved in comparison with car travel
  • Primary energy savings achieved in comparison with car travel

Click here to go to the emissions report order form.