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On-board service – all the comfort you require.

Business zone

You can work in peace in business zone in 1st class on InterCity trains:

  • Workspaces with tables, sockets and reading lamps.
  • Boosters for improved mobile phone reception and optimised data transfer.
  • Cloakroom and luggage storage area.

If you want to work as efficiently when you are travelling as you can in the office, simply reserve one of these mobile workspaces on Swiss trains in the SBB Ticket Shop Business, with the SBB Mobile Business app or via the Businesstravel service centre (calls charged at local rate).

It costs CHF 5.00 per seat and train to reserve a seat; the fee is payable again when you change trains.

More information: business-seat. InterCity trains with Business zones are identified with "BZ" in the electronic timetable.  

Business zones are offered on the following routes:

  • Basel SBB-Luzern-Gotthard-Lugano
  • Basel SBB-Zürich HB-Chur
  • Basel SBB-Bern-Interlaken Ost
  • Basel SBB-Bern-Brig
  • Biel/Bienne-Bern
  • Genf Flughafen-Biel/Bienne-Zürich HB-St. Gallen
  • Genf Flughafen-Bern-Zürich HB-St. Gallen
  • Lausanne-Biel/Bienne-Basel SBB
  • Romanshorn-Zürich HB-Bern-Brig
  • Zürich HB-Luzern
  • Zürich HB-Lugano (ICN)  

Quiet zone

You can work in peace in the quiet zone – with no disruptive music or annoying telephone conversations.




In the quiet zone, which you will find marked in 1st class coaches:

  • conducting conversations
  • making phone calls
  • listening to music (even with headphones)
  • playing audio or video programs on a notebook

are discouraged.

Offered on the following routes:

  • Basel SBB–Luzern–Gotthard–Lugano
  • Basel SBB–Zürich HB–Chur
  • Basel SBB–Bern–Interlaken Ost
  • Basel SBB–Bern–Brig
  • Genf Flughafen–Biel/Bienne–Zürich HB–St. Gallen
  • Genf Flughafen–Lausanne–Bern–Zürich HB–St. Gallen
  • Lausanne–Biel/Bienne–Basel SBB
  • Romanshorn–Zürich HB–Bern–Brig
  • Zürich HB–Luzern
  • Zürich HB–Lugano

Rail catering

So that you can also eat and drink in a pleasant atmosphere when travelling in Switzerland, we serve you drinks, food and snacks in the SBB Restaurants, SBB Bistros and from the SBB Minibar. When you are travelling abroad, you will find dining cars or on board bistros in some international trains.

Up-to-date information about our catering options can be found on our Rail Catering web pages.


Internet access. Online en route.

SBB and the mobile telecommunications providers are using modern signal amplifiers to ensure better reception for passengers on the train.

All long-distance trains are fitted with 4G/3G signal amplifiers. These direct the mobile phone signal into the coach from outside. Switzerland has the most advanced system in Europe, with customers already surfing via 4G/LTE on more and more routes.

With "SBB-FREE" WiFi you can surf the internet, synchronise emails and download data for free. 


Use our special coach for exclusive on-board meetings.

Treat yourself and your business partners to something extraordinary: it goes without saying that our Salon de Luxe coach provides all the space and technical equipment you need, and you can also benefit from an enhanced level of comfort and the special ambiance. And, at the end of your meeting, you can provide a surprise lunch served on board.

Find out more about our special coaches and trains on our Group Travel web pages.