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Working for SBB – SBB on the move!

SBB has 33,000 employees working around the clock to ensure that our trains reach their destinations safely and on time. SBB is not only Switzerland’s largest passenger and freight transport company, it is also Switzerland’s largest employer.

Employing staff in over 150 professions, we can offer you an impressive variety of different opportunities. You can look forward to challenging tasks, stimulating activities and numerous paths
to continuing professional development.

SBB – our values

By 2016 we want to be among Switzerland's top companies in terms of customer satisfaction, as we want our customers to feel "at home on the move". We can only achieve this ambitious goal with motivated and contented employees – they are the key to our success.

Five common values help us to achieve this objective. We want to excel in our work together daily by being:

  • ambitious
  • responsible
  • flexible
  • passionate and
  • respectful.

We keep Switzerland moving.

We move people and freight and we connect cities, towns and regions both within Switzerland and in neighbouring countries.

In this way, we are taking responsibility for Switzerland, the Swiss people and the environment.

Collective agreement – well under way together

All SBB employment contracts are drafted in accordance with the collective agreement negotiated between SBB management and trade unions. This collective agreement provides stable working conditions for employees and ensures that employees have a voice within the company.

Flexible working hours and holidays

Many of the jobs at SBB require employees to work shifts and over the weekend. Whenever possible, however, we offer our employees flexible working hours based on a 41-hour workweek. We are also in favour of part-time work and offer a range of workweek options for greater flexibility.

The following options are available for working part-time:

Weekly reduction in working hours

- e.g. one day off per week

Daily reduction in working hours

- e.g. shorter working days

Job sharing

- 2 employees share the same position 

Reduction in the amount of time worked per year

- e.g. 100% in summer, part-time payment, compensation in winter


SBB employees have at least 26 days holidays per year.


As a family-friendly company, we are committed – through Kidz Care – to ensuring a healthy work/life balance. This service covers everything from providing advice on and placements at child day-care centres and childminders to offering financial support for childcare costs incurred by parents, single or otherwise.

Competitive salaries and great benefits and concessions

Concessionary fares.

SBB employees and members of their families can enjoy various concessions on fares both within Switzerland and abroad, depending on their level of employment.

SBB Benefit staff offer platform.

SBB Benefit is the staff offer platform for current and former employees of SBB and its subsidiaries. On the platform are over 50 of the latest offers with discounts of up to 50% or value-added supplements to products or services. The range of offers extends from insurance to electrical products.


Our salaries are competitive and fair. They are based on the employee’s position in the company and his/her experience. Employee salaries can be adjusted yearly on the basis of the employee’s performance.

Stimulating opportunities for continuing education and training

We offer a wide range of general and specialised training courses. SBB will also provide employees with additional time and funding to take other courses that are in the company’s best interests.

Young trainees in various fields take training courses organised by Log.In, a training centre run by SBB, BLS and other public transport companies.

Career growth prospects.

Well-trained employees are the key to our company’s success. Employees are encouraged to take advantage of opportunities to move up the corporate ladder; new and existing managers receive managerial training; and all other employees take training courses to keep their knowledge and skills sharp.


SBB has a mentoring programme for women with the potential to hold managerial positions within the company. Female employees receive guidance and suggestions from an experienced manager within SBB who will act as their mentor over a one-year period. This gives them the chance to experience personal and professional growth while learning how to network efficiently.

Holistic health management


SBB set up an Occupational Safety Unit to look after the health and safety of our employees. Various steps have been taken to continuously improve safety at the workplace: the STOP RISK campaign, for example, has contributed considerably to preventing occupational accidents.


We have taken a wide range of steps to maintain and promote the health of our employees. The aim of health management within the company is to ensure that all working processes and managerial tools are designed to take the health of SBB employees into account.

Equality – the same opportunities for everyone

SBB promotes diversity, equal opportunities and a good work/life balance. This is beneficial to our customers and also to our employees and the company.

It is important to us that we offer equal opportunities to all employees. SBB offers everyone the same opportunities – regardless of language, gender, age, way of life, background, culture, nationality or religion.

SBB values its employees' diversity and takes measures to protect their personal rights. We aim to achieve a balanced gender ratio among senior managers and the workforce as a whole.

SBB promotes flexible working-time models and supports a healthy work/life balance. Other offerings include networking events, a mentoring programme for women and the organisation of topic-specific seminars.

In cases of discrimination, bullying or sexual harrassment, employees can call upon the services of the confidential team and the mediation commission (which has equal numbers of male and female members), depending on the individual situation.

As a family-friendly company, SBB is committed to providing advice on and placements at child day-care centres and childminders, and also contributes to the childcare costs incurred by parents, single or otherwise.

Awards – SBB as a top-class employer

SBB aims to be a top-class employer. Thanks to this vision and the commitment of our employees, SBB has been recognised several times by organisations in Switzerland and abroad.


Universum is the global leader in employer branding research and compiles a list of the top 100 most popular employers across 23 countries, including Switzerland. Each year, industry-specific rankings are published, based on feedback from higher education students and professionals.

Ranking amongst students:

Engineering: 4th
Business: 17th
IT: 9th

Ranking amongst professionals:

Engineering: 2nd
Business: 12th
IT: 5th

*Source: Universum Top 100, 2015, Switzerland.

Friendly Work Space®.

The Friendly Work Space® label honours companies which develop and implement a sustainable and broad-based corporate health management system. SBB was awarded the Friendly Work Space® quality label in December 2013, with an outstanding score of 4.73 out of a possible 5.


Kununu is an interactive platform on which employees are able to score their employers from 1 to 5 based on various criteria. It operates in Germany, Austria and Switzerland and is therefore known mainly in the German-speaking world.

Thanks to an average score of over 3, SBB has held the "Top-Company" award since 2009 and has also been allowed to call itself an "Open Company" since 2011, a title which recognises proactive collaboration with Kununu.



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