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Zurich S-Bahn.

Double-decker S-Bahn Zurich train.

The Zurich S-Bahn, with its distinctive double-deck trains and modern stations, is now an established part of the cityscape. It serves as the backbone of the Zürcher Verkehrsverbund (Zurich public transport authority, ZVV). Above all, it is the best connection for people travelling between city and country.


Timetable valid from 14.12.2014.

Timetable information for services operating on the Zurich S-Bahn network and in the region can be found in our online timetable or downloaded in PDF format.

Zürichsee–Zürcher Oberland–Limmattal (PDF). 6 MB
Zürich–Schaffhausen. Zürich–Winterthur (PDF). 4 MB
S-Bahn Taktfahrplan (PDF). 1 MB
ZVV Nachtfahrplan (PDF). 461 kB

Zürcher Verkehrsverbund network map.

Zürcher Verkehrsverbund network map.

Zurich's S-Bahn is the backbone of the ZVV network.
Comprehensive Zürcher Verkehrsverbund network map.

Zürcher Verkehrsverbund night service map.

Zürcher Verkehrsverbund night service map.

The ZVV night network ensures night owls get home safe and sound.
Comprehensive ZVV night network map.


» Current information on strikes and interruption of rail services in the event of major disruptions.

DPZPlus–the modernised double deck push-pull trains.

The modernised double-deck push-pull train (DPZPlus) has been deployed on Zurich’s S-Bahn network since 28 August 2012. After over 20 years in operation, 115 proven double-deck trains of the first generation of Zurich S-Bahn units are being prepared for another 20 years’ service as part of the “LION” project, which will run until 2017.

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The occupancy indicators for savvy commuters.

Are you looking for a seat on the S-Bahn? The occupancy indicators on the online timetable now show you which services tend to be quiet or busy, and where there are generally free seats.

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Rolling stock

Double-deck push-pull train (DPZ RABe 450 class).

1st generation: Double-decker push-pull train (RABe 450 / DPZ).
  • 113 100-metre sets
  • entry into service: 1989–1997
  • 387 seats per set
  • max. 3 sets per train with a total of 1,161 seats
  • maximum speed 130 km/h
  • Improved entrance and air conditioning: 2011–2017

Double-deck multiple-unit train (RABe 514/DTZ class).

2nd generation: Double-decker multiple-unit train (RABe 514 / DTZ)
  • 61 100-metre sets
  • entry into service 2006–2009
  • 378 seats per set (max. 3 sets per train)
  • maximum speed 160 km/h
  • low floor, customer information system and video
         surveillance, air conditioning

Double-deck multiple-unit train (RABe 511/Regio-Dosto class).

3rd generation: Double-decker multiple-unit train (RABe 511 / Regio-Dosto 150 SBZ)
  • 29 150-metre sets
  • delivery as of 2011–2015
  • 535 seats per set (max. 2 sets per train)
  • maximum speed 160 km/h
  • low floor, customer information system and video
         surveillance, air conditioning

Peak-time double-deck train (HVZ-Dosto class).

Hauptverkehrszeit-Doppelstockzug (HVZ-Dosto)
  • 15 200-metre/300-metre sets
  • delivery as of 2012–2016
  • 756/1266 seats per set
  • Used as additional trains during peak hours

Other types of train from the SBB fleet (such as NPZ or RBe push-pull units) are also used for some regional services (e.g. extra peak-time services or commuter services to neigh­bouring cantons).

Information and media


The economic boom of the 1950s and 1960s brought prosperity and changed people's lifestyles. They started to live in bigger flats and houses, and this in turn led to the expansion of the greater Zurich area. The result was an enormous increase in the demand for travel.

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Expansion of services.

Network extensions since inauguration.

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Future projects of the Zurich S-Bahn.

During rush hour capacity in the S-Bahn trains is stretched to its limit. At present 400,000 people commute in and out of Zurich every day, and the trend is upwards. The capacity of the rail network around Zurich, and of Zurich’s main station, has more or less reached its limit.

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