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Basic information on track access.


Provisions of the Railways Act (EBG) and the Track Access Ordinance (NZV).

The Swiss Federal Office for Transport issues companies with a permit to use the Swiss rail network. This permit is based on the provisions of the Railways Act (EBG) and the Track Access Ordinance (NZV) dated 25 November 1998. The main provisions are summarised here:

  • The railway company seeking track access is based in Switzerland or the European Union.
  • Track access for companies domiciled outside Switzerland or the EU is granted on the basis of the relevant international agreements.
  • The company has a concession or licence to operate trains in accordance with the Railways Act (EBG).
  • The company is in sound financial health.
  • Insurance cover is in place to the value of at least CHF 100 million per claim.
  • Qualified personnel guarantee safe operations.
  • The vehicles meet the statutory requirements needed to ensure safe rail operations.
  • A guarantee must be given ensuring compliance with safety regulations for the routes travelled.

Since 1 December 2012, the Swiss Railways Act (EBG) has permitted companies interested in freight services to order basic and ancillary services («third parties authorised to place orders»). The provisions and conditions for ordering and allocating basic and ancillary services also apply correspondingly to third parties authorised to place orders. Further information is obtainable from Swiss Train Paths Ltd., as is admission to the ordering process.


Legal framework.

The key pieces of federal legislation are:

For the general conditions of track access please refer to the Swiss Federal Office for Transport's track access guidelines: