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Services and prices.

Train-path billing

The train-path pricing system. Who pays how much to rail infrastructure?

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List of Services. Here you find the current train-path Prices.

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Train path price.
Calculating prices

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Information about train-path pricing.
- Low-noise bonus
- 2017 train-path pricing system

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Marshalling yards / services

Marshalling yards Infrastructure
Informations on marshalling
yards and prices for services.

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Vehicle pricing

Following the introduction of a base price for wear in the new train-path pricing system that comes into force in 2017, prices must be calculated for specific train types in accordance with the Federal Office of Transport’s Rail Network Access Ordinance (RailNAO; SR 742.122.4).

Guidance on how to calculate this has been published on the FOT’s homepage at ( Rechtliches Weitere Rechtsgrundlagen und Vorschriften Verordnungen des UVEK und des BAV Verordnung des BAV zur Eisenbahn-Netzzugangsverordnung (NZV-BAV)).

A tool for calculating vehicle prices and the templates required for multi-body simulation are available via the following links:

Please contact for more information on calculating vehicle prices.