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Services and prices.

Train-path billing

A path price must be paid for the use of rail infrastructure. The price structure is based on basic, ancillary and miscellaneous services. The infrastructure operator publishes the path prices annually.

The train-path pricing system. Who pays how much to rail infrastructure?

The train-path pricing system is explained in this handy leaflet.

The infrastructure services provided by SBB, BLS Netz AG, SOB, Thurbo, STB and Hafenbahn Schweiz AG in Basel and the prices charged for those services are listed in the companies' joint service catalogue.

Basic, ancillary and miscellaneous services.

Detailed information is provided in the service catalogues below:

Vehicle pricing

Following the introduction of a base price for wear in the new train-path pricing system that comes into force in 2017, prices must be calculated for specific train types in accordance with the Federal Office of Transport’s Rail Network Access Ordinance (RailNAO; SR 742.122.4). 

Guidance on how to calculate this is published on the FOT’s homepage at (from August 2016).

Please contact for more information on calculating vehicle prices.