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Train paths – Your spot in the SBB timetable.

Annual timetable / Ordering tool

Annual timetable.

Railway operators must submit an application or order for  specific passenger and freight paths to Trasse Schweiz AG. Deadlines are listed in the conditions for ordering paths published by Trasse Schweiz AG for each annual timetable.

Current timetable.

Railway operators can order train paths and feasibility studies using the ordering tools available for this purpose. Regardless of the type of service requested, the orders are processed on a first come, first served basis, i.e. based on the order in which requests are submitted to Infrastructure.

Ordering tool.

To order paths, railway operators can use the NeTS-AVIS tool. As soon as the operator signs the network-access agreement, the ordering tool is made available.

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Train path catalogues

Train path catalogues.

For freight services on the heavily used north-south axes, a train path catalogue is issued annually. The train path offers listed in the catalogue are designed to assist the railway companies when placing their orders. They are based on the transport companies' service concepts but also reflect the current capacity situation. The train path catalogues are published by Swiss Train Paths Ltd.

Gotthard/Lötschberg remaining capacity.

The railway companies can also order train paths during the current timetable period in order to introduce new or modified services. In this case, however, they can only request the remaining capacities available. These are published periodically for freight services on the transit routes.

International paths

This section contains some useful documents to help request, plan and operate cross-border train services.

Map showing Swiss border crossing points.

Map of Switzerland showing the position of all 16 border crossing points to France, Germany, Liechtenstein/Austria and Italy.

Appendix 8 to the Network Statement.

Appendix 8 to the Network Statement contains the regulations for border railway stations (network connection points to foreign infrastructure managers). It indicates whether train path requests should take the form of:

  • a Swiss national train path request
  • a train path request to a foreign infrastructure manager
  • an international train path request or a train path request submitted to both infrastructure managers

Border factsheets.

Border factsheets are information documents that depict each border point geographically and in terms of the systems involved. The factsheets also list the operating points that need to be recorded when submitting requests to NeTS-AVIS.

PaP Catalogue Rail Freight Corridor Rhine Alpine.