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Across Europe with Interrail passes. Unlimited flexibility.

Discover Europe by train: with one of the many Interrail passes, you can travel across Europe or a particular country in a flexible and affordable way for up to one month.

Tip of the month

Enjoy a few summer days in Scandinavia. It is not as hot here as it is in the south but the cosmopolitan cities of Copenhagen and Stockholm will still offer you a warm welcome.

Did you know that Copenhagen is home to the second oldest theme park in the world? Tivoli is located right next to the main station, and presents you with breathtaking rides for all ages, wonderful green areas, rock concerts and a host of culinary delights. Nyhavn, the street with pretty gabled houses, either side of the harbour arm of the same name, is Copenhagen’s gastronomic centre.

The shopping streets of Strøget and Strædet offer you the chance to shop extensively. More than a kilometre in length, they form one of the longest pedestrianised areas in Europe. To cool down and relax after a busy shopping trip, we recommend the city’s harbour pools: the Amager beach park with 4.6 kilometres of white sandy beaches, the Islands Brygge harbour baths with five pools, and the Urban Beach with sand, hot rhythms and cooling drinks. In general, the people of Copenhagen love going out and sipping cocktails, for example, in the Jane, Madam Chu’s and Jolene bars.

Tip for those who enjoy activities.

What you will notice straight away in Copenhagen: nearly everyone goes by bike – 45 per cent of people in Copenhagen commute to work, school or university by bike. This is an unbelievable world record. In 2007, Copenhagen was therefore the first city to be awarded the title “Bike City” by the International Cycling Union. Discover the cycling city by rental bike. The so-called “Gobikes” are fitted with tablets, which you can use to register and pay, and to guide you through the city via the navigation system.

Trendy Stockholm.

On the way from Copenhagen to Stockholm you cross the Öresund, the longest cable-stayed bridge in the world for combined road and rail traffic. To start off your visit to Stockholm we recommend Gamla Stan. The old town of Stockholm forms the actual heart of the city with its narrow alleyways, old churches, galleries, handicraft shops and outdoor clubs. One of the most popular is the Trädgården, under the Skanstullsbron Bridge in Södermalm, the young, creative quarter of Stockholm.

If you have not yet used up your shopping budget in Copenhagen, you can visit various small specialist shops, as well as large chains of shops and boutiques with current Swedish fashion in Drottninggatan. You will also find sustainable fashion and vintage clothes in the trendy quarter of Södermalm.

Tips for gourmets.

If you would like to discover Swedish culinary delicacies, we recommend the large Swedish buffet “Smörgasbord”, which you can order in many bars and restaurants. If you like it trendy and a little more sophisticated you might enjoy the “Frantzén”. It is one of three restaurants in Sweden, which has been honoured with two Michelin stars this year.


Interrail Global Pass.

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With an Interrail Global Pass, you can travel wherever your heart desires in all the following European countries:

Austria, Belgium, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece (incl. Attica Group), Hungary, Ireland, Italy Plus (incl. Attica Group), Luxembourg, Macedonia, Montenegro, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, UK.

The Global Pass is available as a flexible pass (valid for any 5 days within a 10-day period or for any 10 days within a 22-day period) or as a continuous pass for 15 days, 22 days or a month.

Interrail One Country Pass.

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The Interrail One Country Pass lets you travel without restrictions through one of the participating countries (see price list Interrail One Country Pass).*

The One Country Pass is available as a flexible pass for any 3, 4, 6 or 8 days within a month in the selected country.

* The One Country Pass is not available for Bosnia-Herzegovina and Montenegro. Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg are counted as one country (Benelux).

NEW: Attica Pass – island hopping in Greece with Interrail.

The new Interrail Attica Pass lets you explore the Greek islands by ferry. Sail to historic Rhodes, discover the Minoan ruins on Crete or visit the stunning white villages of Santorini. Look forward to breath-taking views as you go island hopping across the Aegean Sea. By the way, the ferry between Greece and Italy is included in the offer.

You can visit the following 26 islands with the Attica Pass: Amorgos, Astypalea, Chios, Crete, Donousa, Ios, Irakleia, Kalymnos, Kastellorizo, Kos, Koufonisi, Leipsoi, Leros, Lesbos (Mytilene), Mykonos, Naxos, Nisyros, Paros, Patmos, Rhodes, Santorini, Schinoussa, Symi, Syros, Tilos, Tinos.

What's included in the Attica Pass?

  • Two international trips between Italy (Ancona or Bari) and Greece (Patras)
  • Four domestic trips among the Greek islands
  • Train and bus connections between Patras and Piraeus (domestic ferries to the Greek islands depart from Piraeus)

The Interrail Attica Pass is valid on all ferries operated by the Attica Group. Superfast Ferries offers connections between Italy and Greece. The connections provided by Blue Star Ferries let you explore the many Greek islands.

You can buy the Attica Pass here.

Pass benefits.

With your Interrail pass, you can also benefit from further attractive discounts from a number of our European bonus partners. See:


  • To benefit from the above reductions, you must have either an Interrail Global Pass or an Interrail One Country Pass for the relevant country (or one of the relevant countries in the case of ferry crossings), which must not be your country of residence.
  • The full list of reductions offered by our bonus partners is available at station ticket counters or at



  • The prices in the above lists are exclusive of reservation fees, supplements for sleeping/couchette cars and boat journeys and any fees which apply when making a purchase at an attended ticket counter.
  • Interrail entitles you to discounted ticket prices on trains that use the market price system, such as the TGV (e.g. Switzerland–Paris).
  • Please book your travel on high-speed, long-distance and night trains as early as possible, as the number of seats available on these services is limited (3 to 6 months in advance).


  • You are entitled to purchase an Interrail pass if you have been resident in a European country or in a country belonging to the Commonwealth of Independent States (former Soviet Union).
  • The Interrail Global Pass is not valid in the user’s country of residence. For journeys to the border, the Swiss railway operators offer a 50% discount for adults/young people.
  • The senior citizens’ price (for travellers aged 60 and upwards) is only valid for the Global Pass.
  • For children and young people (4 to 26 years) there are travelpasses in each case for both 1st and 2nd class. The first day of validity for the ticket must be at least one day before the 26th birthday.
  • Children (4 to 12 years) travel free when accompanied by a person holding an adult travelpass (maximum 2 children per adult travelpass).
  • Children travelling alone (4 to 12 years) require an Interrail pass for young people.
  • Children under 4 years generally travel free.


You can obtain Interrail passes:

  • At an attended ticket counter at the station (in some cases, passes are only available at counters for international tickets – opening hours) plus any processing fees.
  • Online at The Interrail pass will be sent to you free by post by registered mail within 11 working days. A supplement will be charged where faster delivery is required.
  • Note: the seat reservations required can only be obtained at the ticket counter.

Important information:

  • To purchase an Interrail pass, you will need a valid ID card or a passport. You must also present this, together with your Interrail pass, for ticket inspections on the train.
  • You can find out which identity documents you will need from the embassy of the relevant country in Switzerland.
  • Please book your travel on high-speed, long-distance and night trains as early as possible, as the number of seats available on these services is limited (3 to 6 months in advance).
  • Seat reservations can be made at the staffed ticket counter.