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Railteam in brief.

Railteam in Kürze.

Railteam is an alliance of seven European railways, cooperating to make travel across the European high-speed network as seamless as possible.

What does Railteam offer you?

  • You have access to all 40 Railteam lounges for passengers with national frequent traveller cards.
  • Thanks to our short transfer times, you benefit from better connections for international trains (including HOTNAT, even on trains with mandatory seat reservations).
  • You receive improved information (in real time too in the event of delays), for example, on Railteam points, at, by telephone with “Railteam mobile”, and in trains and on the platforms via multilingual tannoy announcements.
  • In future you will be able to obtain all Railteam journey tickets more simply (print@home).

In addition to its services, above all the alliance demonstrates transparency and reliability, as all partner railways have agreed on uniform standards for service and quality on board high-speed trains and in stations.

HOTNAT (Hop On The Next Available Train).

When delays occur, you will benefit from HOTNAT (Hop On The Next Available Train) at the Railteam hubs, Brussels Midi, Cologne, Lille Europe, Frankfurt and Stuttgart: In such an event, where a seat reservation is usually required, you can board connecting trains without a reservation. To do so you must obtain a special Railteam stamp on your ticket; this can be done at the Railteam info point at the relevant hub.

Railteam members.

Together with the SBB the founding members of the alliance are railways in Germany (DB), France (SNCF), Belgium (SNCB), the Netherlands (NS Hispeed), Austria (ÖBB) and Eurostar UK, along with associated partners Thalys, Lyria and Alleo

Railteam alliance trains.

TGV, ICE, Thalys, Eurostar, TGV Lyria, Albatross and Railjet.

The benefits of travelling in Railteam high-speed trains.

You travel quickly, safely and free of stress from city centre to city centre. The journey time can be used as working time, as most trains have a power connection by the seats and increasing numbers of trains have a WLAN (WiFi). Or you can use the time spent travelling to relax in the dining car, read, etc. Railteam journeys are better environmentally than air travel.

Rail catering.

There is either a dining car, or minibar, available on all high-speed trains in the Railteam network.

Where can you buy tickets?

Existing international tickets are used for Railteam travel, and these can be purchased via the normal sales channels of the partner railways.

Contact for customer complaints.

The form available at must be sent to the specific company with which you travelled or from which you bought your ticket.

Is there a Railteam frequent traveller programme?

There is currently no actual Railteam frequent traveller programme. However, certain national frequent traveller programmes have been extended to the entire network, whereby points collected can be used across the whole of Railteam network: Please note that this does not apply to the General Abonnement (GA).