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  • Val-de-Travers.

    A fascinating journey of discovery through the Neuchâtel...

    A fascinating journey of discovery through the Neuchâtel Jura: history and gourmet pleasures in Val-de-Travers.

      • Rail & boat
      • Art, knowledge & museums
  • Red Arrow Churchill. A living legend invites you.

    In the past, the legendary cigar-shaped double red arrow...

      • Rail & boat
  • Swiss National Museum – Prangins Castle.

    It’s more than a museum, it’s an experience!

    Prangins Castle: it’s more than a museum, it’s an experience – enjoy it as a group!

      • Art, knowledge & museums
  • Swiss Science Center Technorama.

    Experiment with fun.

    Experiment with fun: Playfully explore scientific phenomena with your group at the Swiss Science Center Technorama in Winterthur.

      • Fun & games
      • Art, knowledge & museums
  • The Schweizerhalle saltworks.

    “White gold” from the ground.

    “White gold” from the ground: discover the Schweizerhalle saltworks with your group.

      • Rail & boat
      • Art, knowledge & museums
  • Construction challenge.

    Excavations are allowed here!

    Excavations are allowed here! Switzerland’s unique and unforgettable construction competition guarantees a fun day out and a wide range of construction experiences for all ages.

      • Fun & games
      • Team building
  • Rally in the Val-de-Travers.

    A fun and delicious exploration of absinthe...

    A fun and delicious exploration of absinthe country: group rally in the Val-de-Travers.

      • Fun & games
  • Murten – old town, lake and wine.

    Culture and cuisine – a day trip to Lake Murten.

    Culture and cuisine: take a day trip with your group to Murten, Lake Murten and the Le Vully region.

      • Rail & boat
      • Art, knowledge & museums
  • Europa-Park for groups.

    Leisure fun in Europa-Park.

    Leisure fun in Europa-Park, Germany’s largest theme park. Set in 13 European themed areas in Europa-Park, more than 100 rides and shows provide excitement, fun and thrills.

      • Fun & games
  • Wildegg Castle – the baroque castle and garden experience.

    Monsieur, your hair’s not on straight!

    Go for a paddle 3 times a day! Experience a musical-theatrical tour through Wildegg Castle.

      • Art, knowledge & museums