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The SBB Ticket Machine.

Quick access to tickets and other services around the clock – at every SBB railway station and from many other transport companies.

Almost the entire range of public transport is available. Other additional services are also available, from trade fair and leisure travel offers to credit for your pre-paid mobile phone.

Change given up to 100 francs – also in bank notes.

The new SBB ticket machines have been available for use all over Switzerland since August 2015. Innovative technology makes payment with these machines easier:

  • Contactless, faster payment with the Postfinance-Card and the American-Express, Mastercard PayPass and VISA payWave credit cards
  • Change given up to 100 francs – also in bank notes
  • Payment with large notes – max. 200 francs/euros possible

Please note - change for bank notes is issued from a separate output slot on the bottom right of the ticket machine. Wait until the ticket has been issued and do not forget your change.

New: display your SwissPass information.

It's quick and easy to check the validity of your Half-Fare or GA travelcard on your SwissPass. Activate the scanner at the new ticket machine and follow the instructions. Entering your postal code will retrieve your SwissPass information and display it on the machine. The older machines will be equipped with this functionality over the course of 2016.

Ticket machine helpline 0800 11 44 77.

Ticket machine helpline 0800 11 44 77.

Do you require assistance with operating a ticket machine? Call the free telephone number 0800 11 44 77 and the SBB Contact Center will help you. The helpline is available around the clock, every day to answer your questions about our range of products or how to operate the ticket machine. Please note: assistance can only be given when you are in front of a ticket machine.

You can also call the same number to inform us if the ticket machine is defective. In this case, please indicate the eight-digit machine ID number, which you can find on the home screen.

Course offer: be & remain mobile.

The course is aimed at people who avoid ticket machines, who have difficulty navigating around a train station, who feel insecure on the streets etc. etc. etc... or people who are interested and curious - particularly those over 50 years of age. So these people too can be independent and autonomous for as long as possible.

Information and courses offered can be found here.


Just touch it. That's how you get to your ticket.

Just touch it. That's how you get to your ticket.
The SBB ticket machineSBB ticket machineSBB ticket machine
in the Zurich Transport Network (ZVV)

It's best to choose your desired destination first – then all possible options are displayed for the selected connection (e.g. normal tickets, regional transport tickets, multiple-journey tickets, subscriptions, City-Tickets etc.). Follow the subsequent steps to payment.

Tip: Information on our range of products and how to operate the ticket machine can be found via the Information (i) or Help (?) buttons.

Online demonstrations: Please click on one of the following links to start a simplified simulation on how to operate the machine.


Simply choose. Here’s what you get at the ticket machine.

  • Outward or return tickets from your current or any location
  • Multiple-journey tickets from your current or any location
  • Monthly travelcards
  • Single tickets, 1-day travelpasses, multiple tickets and network travelcards
  • City Tickets (rail ticket including tram/bus pass for the destination)
  • 1-day travelpasses for the whole of Switzerland
  • Special offers, trade fair and leisure travel offers from RailAway
  • Class upgrade
  • Bike tickets
  • Connecting tickets for journeys abroad (limited selection)
  • Topping up credit for your mobile, buying phone cards (see below)
  • Online payment cards (see below)

Pay-as-you-go credit.

Run out of credit and need to make an urgent call? No problem. At an SBB ticket machine, you can top up round the clock with pay-as-you-go calling credit from the following providers: Swisscom, Sunrise, Orange, Lebara, Yallo, Lyca Mobile, Coop Mobile, M-Budget Mobile, Aldi Suisse Mobile, Mucho Mobile, GT Mobile and Ortel Mobile.

Phone cards.

An alternative for low-cost phone calls abroad, phone cards are available for BeeOne, Flash and the Telecom FL Phonecard.


And if you want to make payments over the Internet without using your personal bank details, you can also purchase the Paysafecard Internet payment card at SBB ticket machines which you can now use in over 3,500 online shops.

Means of payment

Simply pay. Here’s what the ticket machines accept.

  • CHF coins
  • CHF notes
  • EUR notes
  • Reka cheques and Reka Card
  • Maestro (ec-direct)
  • PostFinance Card
  • M-Card
  • Credit cards (Mastercard, Visa, American Express, myOne, Diners and JCB)
  • SBB Gift Card
  • Reka Rail

Please note:

  • All change is given in Swiss francs.
  • The new machines will give change up to max. CHF 100 in notes and coins.
  • The older machines will only give change in coins up to max. CHF 20.
  • No more than 35 coins, 15 notes or 19 Reka cheques may be used in a single transaction.
  • Prepaid top ups (Pay as you go credit, Phone cards, Paysafecard) are not possible
    with credit cards and Reka cheques.

Please check the information displayed on the machine.