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Purchase event tickets at SBB stations.

Die Event-Vorverkaufsstelle am SBB Bahnhof.

At the event ticket sales offices of some 200 SBB stations, you'll find tickets for concerts, musicals and parties as well as sporting events and much more. The range includes all events covered by Ticketcorner.

Event ticket sales offices are also open at weekends at larger SBB stations.
The nearest event ticket sales office.

Curtain up for our top events!

  • Greenfield 12. - 14.6.14, Flugplatz Interlaken

You can also benefit from: Event combined offers from RailAway.

RailAway offers combined tickets for selected events. Included in this are the reduced rail ticket for the journey and the event ticket. You can purchase most of these RailAway combined offers online, or in all cases via Rail Service on 0900 300 300 (CHF 1.19/min.) as well as at the ticket counter.

With SBB's RailAway combined tickets for events you can save up to 20% on the rail journey and take advantage of attractive extras. You can also purchase discounted rail tickets if you have already bought an entry ticket for the event. However, on trains the discounted ticket is only valid in combination with an entry ticket and both must be presented together during ticket inspections.