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Car Train – comfortably passing by the traffic jam.

Take a break while continuing on your journey. With your car on the car train you can cross out things like traffic jams and stress from your vocabulary.

Whether you’re going on holiday or starting on a business trip: the car train will take you there on time. Get closer to your destination whilst relaxing comfortably in a sleeping or couchette carriage. The comfortable way to combine the useful with the pleasant.


Connections: - Lörrach (Basel)–Hildesheim (summer)
- Lörrach (Basel)–Hamburg Altona (year-round)
- Munich–Berlin
- Munich–Hamburg
- Feldkirch–Vienna Westbahnhof.
- Feldkirch–Graz.
- Feldkirch–Villach.
Inclusive charge per vehicle: CHF 60.00CHF 60.00
  For further information, please click here.For further information, please click here.


Up to 50% of fare (incl. sleeping car or couchette berth) will be charged, depending on when you change or cancel your booking. We recommend taking out cancellation insurance.

Elvia travel insurance.

For CHF 10,000: CHF 16. Every additional CHF 1,000 of cover costs CHF 1.60.
Maximum cover: CHF 30,000.
This travel insurance covers a single journey.

Reservations and booking.

Please book your car space and make the appropriate reservations at your local station or with Rail Service on 0900 300 300 (calls charged at CHF 1.19/min. from the Swiss fixed-line network). Timetables and other information are also available.