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Car sharing – your car at the railway station.



Would you like to combine the punctuality of rail travel with the flexibility of a car – and optimise your driving expenses in the process? Then car sharing is the right option for you.

Mobility car sharing Switzerland facilitates the seamless transfer from the train to a car and vice versa. Use the train for the long journeys and switch to a car for the short ones.


  • A personal Mobility Card gives you access to 2700 vehicles at 1400 sites in Switzerland. Around 1090 of these vehicles are located at more than 400 railway stations.
  • As a customer of Mobility car sharing Switzerland, you can also reserve vehicles in Germany.
  • If you combine a Mobility Card with a GA, Half-Fare travelcard, Annual point-to-point travelcard or regional travelcard, you stand to save even more.


  • You can reserve your vehicle around the clock, 365 days a year online, by mobile or  by calling the Mobility Call Center at 0848 824 821.
  • You can make reservations by the hour and at any time, even just minutes before you set off.
  • You can change a reservation directly in the vehicle’s onboard computer or by telephone.
  • Vehicles are available around the clock in 10 different categories – from two-seaters to vans.

Transparent and all-inclusive.

  • Mobility car sharing Switzerland operates a simple and transparent pricing system based on a price per hour and a price per kilometre, which together cover all costs.
  • There are no hidden charges, such as parking fees, insurance, repairs, services, tires, Swiss motorway vignette, etc.
  • Nor are there any separate fuel costs – these are already included in the price.
  • 4-month trial Mobility subscriptions are available for as little as 70 Swiss francs.
  • You pay at your convenience after receiving your itemised monthly bill.

How it works

Register via the convenience of the internet. Then you can obtain the Mobility subscription directly at the SBB counter at any of the 50 largest railaway stations. You must have a driving licence that is valid in Switzerland to purchase an annual Mobility subscription. A Half-Fare travelcard, GA travelcard, SBB annual point-to-point travelcard or regional travelcard are also required for the annual Mobility subscription.

The Mobility Card: your car key.

The Mobility Card is your personal car key for the entire Mobility fleet – the easy and convenient way to access and lock your reserved vehicle.

Pay for your Mobility subscription at the counter and get behind the wheel straight away.

  1. Fill in the contract for the Mobility subscription of your choice and print it out.
  2. Bring two copies of your contract along with your driving licence to a counter at one of the 50 largest SBB stations.
  3. Counter staff will check your documents and activate your subscription.
  4. Pay for your Mobility subscription directly at the SBB counter.
  5. Counter staff will give you your Mobility Card.
  6. Your card is now released for the first reservation.
  7. Reserve the vehicle of your choice.
  8. Come to the Mobility station and open the reserved car with your Mobility Card.
  9. You can simply pay on invoice for your journeys.


At present, Mobility car sharing Switzerland offers you around 2700 vehicles at 1400 sites – including 1090 vehicles at more than 400 railway stations.


The prices for your Mobility subscription.

The prices for your Mobility subscription.
4-month trial subscriptionCHF 70

Annual subscription

CHF 1901

1 with General Abonnement, Half-Fare travelcard or point-to-point travelpass of the Swiss Federal Railways (SBB) or regional travelcards

Rates for private clients.

Mobility operates a cost system based on hourly and kilometre rates. The price includes:

  • Fuel
  • Service
  • Repairs
  • Insurance
  • Administration
  • Swiss motorway vignette
  • Parking space hire
  • Motor vehicle tax
  • VAT  

Holders of a Mobility subscription pay the standard rates. Members of the Mobility cooperative benefit from a special discount.

Price example (category economy).

Price example (category economy).
Price per hour(3 x CHF 2.80)CHF 8.40
Price per kilometre(10 x CHF 0.66)CHF 6.60
Total CHF 15.–

Price specifications subject to modifications.