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Bike sharing: the city bike for self-hire.

Take public transport for longer journeys then hop onto a bicycle or e-bike to get to your destination quickly with PubliBike – now available on the SwissPass.

Bike sharing network

PubliBike offers bicycles and e-bikes which are easy to hire yourself at more than 100 stations in over 30 Swiss cities. This means that you can enjoy 24-hour access to over 900 bicycles and e-bikes, enabling you to arrive by public transport and simply hop on a bike to go shopping, get to a meeting, visit friends or take a tour of the city.

The PubliBike network is continually being expanded. You can find more information at


You can now use the SwissPass to hire your bike.

The SwissPass is not just a GA or half-fare travelcard – it also offers a wide range of additional services. For instance, with one single card, you can travel by train, boat or postbus, hire a car with Mobility Carsharing, go skiing or hire a bike with PubliBike.

Load your annual membership onto the SwissPass and you won't have to pay the CHF 10 credit card fee.

How it works:

  1. Got to
  2. Select your desired annual membership in the online shop.
  3. Choose the SwissPass under "Other access cards".
  4. Enter the number that is located under the barcode on the back of your SwissPass card.
  5. Enter the postcode that you use for the SwissPass.
  6. Complete your order by paying for the membership.