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Bring your bike along for the trip.

Take your bike along for the trip: with a valid bike ticket, you can load your bicycles into most SBB trains and private railways yourself. The same applies to most postbuses. If your bike can be folded up and stored in a suitable carry case, you can even take it along free of charge as hand luggage.

Depending on traffic volume – particularly in good weather – there may be a shortage of transport capacity for the self-service loading of bicycles on some routes.

Please plan your journey in good time in advance and use the following tips and notes.  

Before setting off

Online timetable and capacity forecast.

Select your route and journey time in the online timetable. Don’t forget the capacity forecast 
( ):

  • In the online timetable, select “Advanced search” and then “carriage of bicycles required (Switzerland only)” to see the routes on which you can take your bike yourself.
  • Trains that do not have space for bicycles are marked on the timetable and departure boards with the symbol  You are not allowed to take your bike on these trains.
  • A bicycle reservation symbol or reference number on the timetable indicates a train or postbus for which reservation is required.
  • The capacity forecast is a useful indicator of which trains are likely to have capacity bottlenecks and whether another train or a different route might be less busy and thus better suited for taking your bike along.
  • You can check which section of the platform the coaches with bicycle spaces (bicycle hooks, bicycle platforms) will arrive in as early as three hours before your train departs in the online timetable or in the SBB Mobile smartphone app. Click on the, symbol next to the platform information in the online timetable, and on the symbol in the SBB Mobile app.
  • Plan in enough time for your journey and for changing trains or postbuses.

Please note: On traditional family days out with good weather forecast, increased passenger volumes can be expected between 7 a.m. and 9 a.m. and between 4 p.m. and 7 p.m. on trains to Ticino, Valais, the Bernese Oberland, Seeland, Jura, Grisons and Lake Constance, meaning there may be a shortage of space on these trains.  


  • On the Zurich S-Bahn trains, you can load your bicycle yourself any time of day on Saturday and Sunday. From Monday to Friday, however, accompanied bikes are only allowed from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. and 7 p.m. to 6 a.m.
  • Due to the size of the doors on most trains and for safety reasons, bike trailers can only be transported if they are no wider than 80 cm.
  • Due to space and safety considerations, transporting special bikes that are longer than two metres (e.g. tandems) is not possible on SBB's IR, IC, ICN and EC trains. Please direct any questions on transporting special bikes in trains of other transport companies to the companies in question.
  • Postbus: regional availability varies, with some lines not able to transport bikes. Please note the options and reservation obligations in specific regions as outlined in the information sheet “Velo und Postauto” (“Bikes and postbuses”) available from The options for transporting e-bikes on PostBus Switzerland Ltd services are very limited due to their weight.
  • You can find information about taking your bike on international trains here.


A bicycle reservation symbol  or reference number on the timetable indicates a train or postbus for which reservation is required.

Trains without a corresponding bike reservation symbol or reference number cannot be reserved.

Reservations are compulsory in InterCity tilting trains (train category ICN) from 21 March to 31 October:

  • The trains will also be marked with the bike reservation symbol  on the online timetable.
  • Reservations cost CHF 5.00.
  • Reservations can be made online in the SBB Ticket Shop, with SBB Mobile using a smartphone and the symbol or at SBB station counters up to 5 minutes before the train departs.
  • You can also reserve a space for your bicycle up to three working days prior to the start of your journey by calling the Rail Service on 0900 300 300 (CHF 1.19/min. from the Swiss fixed-line network).
  • Refunds cannot be issued.
  • If you are unable to show proof of your reservation on the train, we will request a surcharge of CHF 10 on top of the cost of a reservation. In such a case, however, we will be unable to guarantee a space for your bicycle as you might have to give up the space to travellers with an advance reservation.

Postbus: If you are travelling alone, we recommend making a reservation by telephone. You can find the numbers you need in the corresponding route tables. For groups of six or more, reservations are required in order to take bikes on postbuses.

Taking bikes to destinations in Europe: Reservations are compulsory for the self-service loading of bicycles on cross-border journeys. You will also need an international bike ticket.


  • Groups of ten or more cannot take their bikes with them on the train. For group excursions such as school trips, we recommend our bike hire. However, if your group would like to travel with their own bikes, you can simply register them as items of luggage – we can transport your bikes for you between all stations able to handle luggage. Alternatively, use our door-to-door luggage service.
  • On the postbus network, reservations are compulsory for groups of six or more.

Bikes as hand luggage.

You can take your bicycle on the train with you free of charge as hand luggage if you pack it into a transport bag. Use a special carry case for this such as the TranZBag. which is available in the SBB Online Shop or from specialist bike or outdoor shops. Every cover is acceptable regardless of its manufacturer. The front wheel must be removed and packed into the transport bag along with the bike.

How it works.

  • During the journey, please store your packed bike under your seat, on an overhead luggage rack or in the nearest vestibule area.
  • Please make sure your bicycle carry case is secure and cannot tip over, is not in the way of other passengers, is not blocking any sliding doors and does not constitute a hazard.
  • Areas marked with bike symbols are reserved for accompanied bicycles that are subject to a fee and must not be occupied by bicycle carry cases.
  • Passengers wishing to put their carry case on another seat are requested to purchase an additional half-fare ticket.
  • As with any item of hand luggage, you alone are responsible for your bike.
  • For hygiene reasons, folding bikes must be folded up and packed away.


Please note the options and reservation obligations in specific regions as outlined in the PostBus Switzerland Ltd leaflet.

Prices, products and timetable information subject to change.

During your journey

On the platform.

  • When the train arrives, please take note of the bicycle pictogram on the coach doors and board here with your bicycle.*
  • Passengers are only allowed to take one bike each.
  • Nothing must be loaded on the bikes.
  • Please make sure that you are able to load your bike or e-bike onto the train (or bus) yourself.
  • Accompanied bikes count as “chargeable hand luggage” and are therefore the sole responsibility of the person who loads them. SBB shall be liable only if it is at fault.
  • It is strictly forbidden to ride bikes on platforms. Please push your bike when on the platform.
  • Crossing the tracks is prohibited, with or without a bike.

* See which section of the platform the coaches with bicycle spaces (bicycle hooks, bicycle platforms) will arrive in as early as three hours before your train departs. The online timetable and the SBB Mobile smartphone app both show the locations for a number of connections. Click on the symbol next to the platform information in the online timetable, and on the symbol in the SBB Mobile app.

On the train.

  • Place your bicycle in the space provided for it in the train. Depending on the train type, you should hang it on the bicycle hook.
  • Emergency escape routes as well as entrances and exits must be kept free. It should be possible for passengers to move around at all times.
  • If the areas provided for bikes are occupied by luggage or pushchairs, please try and find a workable solution with the aid of the train staff.
  • Bicycles may only be taken on board if there is enough space.
  • In the event of capacity bottlenecks, please take a later train, one of the additional trains laid on during peak periods or an alternative route.
  • In the interests of safety, please follow the instructions from the train staff at all times.

Loading bikes in the luggage van.

Luggage vans are used on some routes (e.g. towards Ticino and Valais). How to load your bicycle:

  • Single bikes are best loaded through the passenger door of the luggage van.
  • If you have several bikes, it is best to enter the luggage van through the passenger door and then open the loading door from the inside by pushing it or lifting the safety catch. The loading door must be properly closed before the train departs and must remain closed until the train has once again come to a standstill.
  • Raise the guardrail after opening the loading door and be sure to fold it down again as soon as you have finished loading or unloading.
  • Inform the train staff that you have loaded a bike or bikes onto the train and tell them where you intend to get off. Our train staff are always happy to provide information and will make sure you can unload your bike or bikes safely.
  • Please return to your bike in plenty of time before reaching your destination to prepare for unloading.

Terms of use for the self-service loading of bicycles.

You will find a summary of the guidelines for self-service loading of bicycles here. We would ask you to always adhere to these for your own safety.

Prices, products and timetable information subject to change.

Bike tickets

You can find detailed information on prices, discounts as well as special offers on our bike ticket page.

1-day bike passes and reservations for ICN trains (21 March to 31 October) are available online at the SBB Ticket Shop.


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Send your bike on a journey.


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