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P+Rail – your parking space at the railway station.

Is there no station or suitable public transport link where you live? Or are you travelling very early or very late and hoping to keep your appointments without losing time searching for a parking space? Then P+Rail is the perfect solution.

Park your car at one of the 550 P+Rail stations – and simply hop on board the train. It is not only practical and convenient but also climate-friendly and economical.

Daily parking pass

P+Rail 1-day passes are the ideal solution for your day trips, events, short trips at home and abroad or for holidays. They cost between CHF 3 and CHF 16 per day depending on the location.

It is so simple...


  • You will receive a printout if you purchase the pass online via the SBB Ticket Shop.
  • You will receive a parking ticket if you purchase the pass at a parking meter or ticket counter.


  • If you have purchased your P+Rail 1-day pass at a parking meter, at a ticket counter or online via the SBB Ticket Shop, please place your ticket behind the windscreen where it is clearly visible.

Locations and prices.

P+Rail 1-day passes cost between CHF 3 and CHF 16 per day depending on the location.

P+Rail 1-day passes for 1 to 7 consecutive days are available from parking meters, from the ticket counter of staffed stations and now online via the SBB Ticket Shop (for around 250 railway stations).  


  • Please note that even purchasing a parking pass up front does not guarantee a free parking space will be available.
  • You can display the details of the P+Rail offer for your departure station using the online timetable enquiry function.
  • Passes for hourly parking are available directly from the parking meter (coins only).
  • The flexible multi-day pass can be obtained at staffed stations or by calling the Rail Service Helpdesk on 0900 300 300 (CHF 1.19/min. from the Swiss fixed-line network). State the desired P+Rail facility and your license plate number. At facilities with high demand, there may be purchase restrictions.
  • The purchase locations at the station may differ for parking passes for municipal parking lots or private car parks.

SBB P+Rail smartphone app

SBB P+Rail-App-Icon

It couldn’t be easier: with the SBB P+Rail app, you can choose your P+Rail facility and book and pay for the number of days you need – at home, on the move, or on site once you’ve parked.

Download SBB P+Rail for your iPhone or Android smartphone now:


Here’s how it works...

Before your first purchase.

  • Download the app (link above), open it, register and create an account.

Buying daily parking.

  • Open the app.
  • Select a P+Rail facility.
  • Enter the amount of parking time you need.
  • Pay.


  • If you’ve booked on your mobile using SBB P+Rail, simply park your car in a free space at the P+Rail facility.
  • Your mobile booking will be checked using your car registration number.
  • Select a P+Rail facility.
    Select a P+Rail facility.
  • Enter the amount of parking time you need.
    Enter the amount of parking time you need.
  • Pay.

Locations and prices.

SBB's P+Rail app allows you to pay for your parking space at over 375 P+Rail facilities across Switzerland. P+Rail 1-day passes cost between CHF 3 and 16 per day, depending on the location. The rates for bookings made at parking meters or in the SBB Ticket Shop also apply to bookings made via the app.




Do I reserve a fixed parking space?
No – as with all P+Rail tickets, the mobile payment gives you the right to park, but a place isn’t guaranteed.

At the moment, you can only book facilities around Zurich and in Eastern Switzerland. Won’t there be any facilities in the other parts of the country?
The app was launched covering some 140 facilities around Zurich and in Eastern Switzerland. We are committed to increasing this number and expanding across the country as soon as possible. This is planned for the first quarter of 2015.

Why is there no French or Italian version?
The French and Italian versions will be activated as soon as the P+Rail app is available for bookings in the corresponding regions.

How can I be sure that I won’t get a parking fine if I don’t have a ticket on my dashboard?
The ticket inspector uses a mobile device to access bookings made for the facility, on site and in real time. Your car registration number is used for identification.

Before booking

Do I have to register or can I use the service anonymously?
You do need to register once. This is because the car registration number and customer details are needed for the checks at the P+Rail facility. Once you’ve registered, you can log in with your e-mail address.

Can I pay by Postcard?
At the moment, only Visa and Mastercard payments are accepted. However, you will soon be able to pay with a Maestro card or Postcard.

Can I park for a set number of hours?
At the moment, you can only book a whole calendar day (from time x to the end of the day, 11.59 p.m.). However, you will soon be able to select parking times by the hour.

During the booking process

Why does the icon on the map turn red?
The red icon on the map shows P+Rail facilities where the customer has an active booking.

Can I make another booking for a later time if I already have an active booking at the same facility?
You can extend your existing booking. However, you can only make a new booking for the same facility once the old one has expired.

I would like to make a booking for two weeks from today, but the calendar keeps jumping back.
You can only make bookings up to seven days in advance.

I’ve made a booking for a period in the future (within the next seven days) but I can’t extend it.
You can only extend active bookings.


  • Please note: even if you book in advance, you will not be guaranteed a parking space.
  • The number of P+Rail parking spaces that can be booked via the SBB P+Rail app is limited.
  • You can book a space for a maximum of seven days. For longer parking times, you can easily extend your booking via the app while on the move.
  • SBB shall only be liable in the case of negligence.

Monthly and annual passes

P+Rail monthly and annual passes are the ideal choice for commuters. They are available exclusively from the station ticket counter or by calling the Rail Service Helpdesk on 0900 300 300 (CHF 1.19/min. from the Swiss fixed-line network).

It is so simple...


  • Present your public transport travelcard (GA, point-to-point travelpass or regional travelcard) at the ticket counter.
  • Indicate the desired station and your car registration number.


  • Place your monthly or annual pass (credit card format) behind the windscreen where is it clearly visible. Please check that the date can be seen from the outside. Further information on affixing your pass can be found in the guide supplied with the pass.

Locations and prices.

Monthly passes are available for CHF 30 to 160 depending on the location. Annual passes cost between CHF 300 and 1600.


  • There is no guarantee that there will be a free parking space available.
  • You can also enter two different car registration numbers on the monthly or annual pass, such as for a second car.
  • Monthly and annual passes can be purchased up to two months prior to the first day of validity. This can be particularly advantageous in the case of P+Rail facilities with especially high demand.
  • For the long-term rental of a personal parking space, please enquire directly at the ticket counter of the relevant station.
  • To avoid overcrowding, P+Rail facilities subject to high demand may institute waiting lists or other restrictions. Please enquire early regarding the availability of monthly or annual passes for the desired station. This also applies if you would like to renew your parking pass.
  • The purchase locations may differ for parking passes for municipal parking lots or private car parks at the station.
  • To have your old P+Rail annual pass recycled, hand it in at your nearest staffed station when you are renewing your subscription.