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Disabled Passenger’s ID Card (entitling the holder to a travelling companion).

Travellers with limited mobility can request a Disabled Passenger‘s ID Card from the cantonal offices.

You can request a Disabled Passenger‘s ID Card if:

  • you are disabled. (You are in a wheelchair, have reduced mobility, are blind, have visual or hearing impairments or are mentally handicapped.)
  • you require a travelling companion in order to use public transport.
  • you are a resident of Switzerland.

Where can you get the ID Card from?

The ID Card is only available from the cantonal offices in your region. You will find a list of these in the column on the right under “Downloads”.

How do you get the ID Card?

  • From the column on the right under “Downloads” you can download and print the disabled passenger’s doctor’s note
  • Ask your doctor to complete and sign the doctor’s note
  • Sign the doctor’s note yourself
  • Attach a passport photo
  • Send the passport photo and the completed doctor’s note to the cantonal office (a list of which you will find in the column on the right under “Downloads”.

The ID Card enables you to be:

  • accompanied by a travelling companion free of charge
  • accompanied by a guide dog free of charge
  • accompanied by a travelling companion and a guide dog free of charge

The travelling companion is to travel with you in the same coach and class. The travelling companion must accompany you along the entire route and be able to assist you. You must show the train crew a valid ticket along with the Disabled Passenger’s ID Card.

Can you combine this travel discount with others?

The travel discount for passengers with disabilities can be used in combination with the family discount. However, at least one ticket must be purchased (not all passengers may travel free of charge).

Where is the ID Card valid?

The companion card is valid on the direct passenger routes serviced by Swiss transport companies. The document showing where the Disabled Passenger’s ID Card is valid is available under “Downloads”.

For detailed information, please see official fare T600.4.

If you have any questions or require further information, please phone SBB Call Center Handicap or

Identity documents for disabled passengers that are not issued in Switzerland.

If you have an identity document for disabled passengers that was not issued in Switzerland, you will not receive a discount when buying tickets in Switzerland.