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Disabled Passenger's ID Card (entitling the holder to a travelling companion)

Are you resident in Switzerland and dependent on a travelling companion? If so, you can claim a free ticket for your travelling companion, your guide dog or both in the same class.

Just one valid ticket is all that is needed in such cases – for both persons and for the guide dog if there is one. Simply show the ticket collector your ticket together with your Disabled Passenger's ID Card. Your travelling companion must be in a position to assist you throughout the journey.

The Disabled Passenger's ID Card is valid on "all routes serviced by Swiss providers of public transport for passengers." The discount fares for passengers with disabilities can be used in combination with discount fares for families. However, it is at least one ticket required (no free ride for all participants). The procedure for obtaining an «ID Card for Passengers with a Disability» is described in detail in the Procedure on the right side under «Downloads».
Here, you can also download and print out the form needed for the doctor's note.

For further details on the validity of your Disabled Passenger's ID Card, please call SBB Call Center Handicap or one of our sales offices.