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Check-in at the railstation.

Check-in at the railstation

Now you can check in your luggage at the railstation the day before your flight. And you'll be given your boarding pass with your requested seat straight away.


Check-in at the railstation.

Check in your luggage the day before takeoff at the railway station. At the same time, you’ll also receive your boarding card complete with seat assignment. This gives you more time on the day of departure. And ensures a more leisurely start to your trip – without having to haul your bags to the airport or wait at the check-in counter.


  • Flights from Zurich and Geneva Airport: At over 50 railway stations, you can check in and at the same time receive your boarding card.
  • Flights from Bern Airport: At over 27 railway stations, you can check in and at the same time receive your boarding card.


  • SWISS, Lufthansa, selected scheduled airlines and various charter airlines from Zurich, Geneva and Bern.


  • For scheduled flights, as a rule max. 24 hours before take-off.
  • For charter flights, please ask at the station luggage counter.



  • Flight ticket of each traveller with OK booking signature or electronic ticketing number.
  • Passport, if required with visa.


  • Conventional luggage up to 32 kg.
  • If the luggage exceeds the amounts listed in the flight ticket, you’ll receive your boarding card at the airport after paying the excess luggage fee.
  • Fragile, valuable and perishable items should not be checked in.
  • Animals, firearms, ammunitions and Bulky items such as bicycles, surfboards, luggage items over 32 kg, etc. may not be checked in at the railway station.
  • For safety reasons these articles are prohibited from being carried in either your checked luggage or in your carry-on luggage.


Check-in with boarding card and luggage registration per luggage item
CHF 22
Reduced prices on scheduled SWISS flights for first and business class passengers as well as members of Miles&More “HON-Circle”, “Senator” or “Frequent Travellers”. Further information.

Airport Baggage

Airport Baggage.

If check-in at the railstation is not available for your flight, we can speed up the transport of your luggage to the airport Zurich and Geneva for CHF 22. You pick it up at the SBB counter and check it in yourself, saving you from having to haul the bags. This service is available at all check-in railway stations as well as at a number of tourist destinations.

News – Bern-Belp Airport

From 9 December 2012, it will also be possible to check in at the station for flights departing from Bern-Belp Airport.