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Flight luggage.

Please note:

  • Please bring your flight confirmation (reservation or ticket number) with you to the station.
  • Check-in at the station is available for flights operated by SWISS (LX).
    Due to technical modifications, check-in at the station is currently unavailable for Edelweiss flights. As an alternative, please use the door-to-door flight luggage service or flight luggage (Switzerland–another country) without check-in option.

As a customer of Swiss you can register your flight luggage at one of 35 stations with flight luggage shipping facilities by 7 p.m. on the day before your flight and collect it directly at your destination airport abroad – and at the same time check in for your flight at the station. If you are flying with another airline, you can collect your luggage from the SBB airport counter in Zurich or Geneva on the day of your flight during opening hours, anytime from early morning on. Your luggage can also be shipped to any other station when it is transported back to Switzerland.

Prices (CHF)

- Per item of luggage: 22
- Check-in only: 12


Price reduction for scheduled flights operated by Swiss (LX):

- First class passengers, "HON Circle" members and "Senator"
  members: free
- Business class passengers and "Frequent Traveller" members: 12
  (discount of CHF 10)


Please note:
You are only entitled to a discount if Swiss itself is operating the flight (codeshare flights operated by other airlines are excluded) and a Swiss flight number (beginning LX) appears on the ticket. The discounts do not apply to Swiss charter and Swiss leisure flights (flight numbers LX8000–LX9999).


Switzerland–another country

Deadline on the evening before the flight:

- With check-in: register today by 7 p.m.*
- Without check-in: register today by 7 p.m.* – pick up from the
  SBB airport counter tomorrow when the counter is open


Another country–Switzerland

- Flight luggage stations: landing today by 11 p.m. – pick-up
  tomorrow from 6 p.m.*
- All other stations: landing today by 11 p.m. – pick-up the day after
  tomorrow from 9 a.m.


Luggage can also be registered at Zurich Airport and Geneva Airport railway stations. It is transported within the same delivery timeframes as other flight luggage.


- Bags, suitcases
- Golf bags, skis, snowboard



- All items must not weigh more than 32 kg each
- The customs declaration must be completed properly for luggage
  shipped from another country to Switzerland and the luggage
  must not contain any goods received or purchased abroad
  (including duty-free quantities).

- The following items cannot be shipped for safety reasons.

Service points

35 "flight luggage" stations

Sales channels



Flight luggage (Another country–Switzerland)
Abroad: many Swiss Travel System sales points in Europe and all outside Europe


- Includes AGA (Allianz Group Assistance) insurance to the value
  of CHF 2000

- Check-in is available for Swiss, flights (the flight must be
   operated by Swiss itself – i.e. codeshare flights operated by
   other airlines are excluded – and a Swiss (LX) flight number
   must appear on the ticket)

- From 36 hours before departure

- Check-in with luggage not possible. For passengers with the “light tariff” on European flights (flight without luggage included), even if luggage   has been paid for in advance online.

- Plane ticket of all passengers with an "OK" booking status or
  electronic ticketing number

- Valid passport, with visa if necessary

- No service is available for flights from Geneva at certain stations

- No excess luggage (additional suitcases and weight)

- Shipping to the SBB airport counter for all other airlines

- You can book outward and return luggage shipping at the same

- If you wish to check in luggage, you must have a valid ticket for the entire
  transport route or an annual travelcard


*but please give heed to the local opening hours