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Our services for your mobile.

Do you have a prepaid mobile phone? You can top up on phone credit for all the major Swiss providers quickly and easily at any SBB station ticket machine and at any time of the day or night.

You can also buy credit for low-cost international calls or buy phone cards offered by a range of providers. 

Prepaid mobiles

Top up your prepaid mobile phone credit at SBB ticket machines.

Do you make calls with a prepaid mobile phone and need to add credit? You can top up your credit at the ticket machines at any SBB station. Simply, quickly and around the clock.

Touch the start screen, select "Prepaid", choose your provider and follow the instructions. Depending on the provider, either your phone credit will be added directly or you will receive a printout with a PIN to be entered through your mobile.

Prepaid top ups at the SBB Station ticket machine are possible with the following Cards:

Coins CHF, Banknotes CHF, Banknotes EUR, Maestro (ec-direct), PostFinance-Card, M-Card, SBB Gift Card.

Provider Your benefits
SwisscomFree phone calls after the 1st minute (up to 1 minute CHF 0.01 / sec.) to all Swiss networks (up to 60 minutes per call) and surf with ease for CHF 2.- per day. Find all advantages here: Swisscom.
SunriseSunrise free - the first rate plan with a cost airbag: With Sunrise free, you can surf the Internet (unlimited for CHF 1 per day of use) and make calls (CHF 0.30/min.) safely, easily and cost-effectively. You never pay for more than 3 minutes per phone call, even if it lasts longer. You can find all the details at Sunrise.
MTV mobile preWith MTV mobile prepaid, you can make calls for CHF 0.69 per hour. In addition, we are giving you 25 SMS/MMS messages every month, and you can surf at 4G speed for CHF 2.50/MB. Please visit for more information and offers. 
PrePay Swiss: For Switzerland. 0.29/min on all Swiss networks, 0.12/SMS in Switzerland, 1.-/day for top 4G speed in Switzerland.
PrePay World: For the World, from 0.03/min for calls abroad, 0.12/SMS worldwide
All the details at
LycamobileWith each top-up, you will also receive an additional free calling credit of CHF 1, 5, 12.50 or 100 (depending on the purchase amount).
M-Budget Mobile 
MUCHO MobileThe confirmation also includes the duration (validity period) for the credit (CHF 10 = 2 months, CHF 30 = 6 months, CHF 50 = 9 months, CHF 100 = 12 months).
Ortel MobileWith each top-up, you will also receive an additional free calling credit of CHF 0.5, 2, 5, 20 or 100 (depending on the purchase amount).
Aldi Suisse Mobile 
GT Mobile 

Top up mobiles around the world

Send prepaid credit worldwide via SBB ticket machines.

Would you like to be able to top up a prepaid mobile phone for your relatives and friends abroad?

You can send prepaid credit simply and conveniently via SBB ticket machines. It is very easy to use:

  1. Select “prepaid” at SBB ticket machines.
  2. Select “Top up mobiles around the world”.
  3. Enter the phone number of the recipient abroad.
  4. Enter your phone number.
  5. Select the top-up amount.
  6. Pay.

The amount is transferred to the recipient within seconds. You receive a confirmation via SMS. There are no additional fees.


Stay well connected up to your 30th birthday with SBB und MTV mobile: the new MTV mobile halbtax option gets you a half-price Half-Fare travelcard, and the data generated by WhatsApp are included in every MTV mobile Freedom contract.

What do you have to do?

Activate the MTV mobile halbtax option with your existing or new MTV mobile Freedom myfriends, swiss or world contract and benefit from the many advantages:

  • Pay half the price for your Half-Fare travelcard: CHF 82.50 instead of CHF 165.
  • You can pay off your Half-Fare travelcard in manageable monthly instalments added to your mobile phone bill. This means only CHF 6.87 per month.
  • Unlimited phone calls, surfing, text messages/MMS as well as unlimited data through WhatsApp: using WhatsApp will no longer affect data usage on your contract.
  • You have maximum flexibility, you can switch between contracts at any time and cancel your contract at one month's notice.

For more information go to any Sunrise shop or visit

Telephone cards

Purchase telephone cards from SBB ticket machines.

Telephone cards.

Telephone cards from Beeone, Flash and Phonecard Telecom FL are a great value way to make international calls. You are always holding the purse strings, as you cannot use more credit than has been loaded onto the card.

How to purchase your telephone cards from SBB ticket machines:

  • Select "Prepaid".
  • Select "Prepaid phone card".
  • Select between "Beeone", "Flash" and "Phonecard Telecom FL".
  • Make payment for the corresponding amount.
  • You will receive a printout with the relevant number to dial and your PIN.