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Transferring cash abroad with Western Union.

Western Union.

With the Western Union cash transfer service, you can send money from 180 stations to over 200 countries throughout the world.

  • With Western Union Money Transfer, you can send cash to over 200 countries worldwide.
  • Just minutes later, the money is available at one of over 500,000 payment agencies.
  • When sending money abroad, you pay a service charge that depends on the sum transferred.
  • In Switzerland, payments in and out are conducted exclusively in Swiss francs.
  • How to protect yourself against fraud
  • When using the Western Union Gold Card for your transfers, you earn reward points that you can later exchange for discounts.
  • All locations and opening hours.

Next Day Service – Kosovo.

If you are not in a hurry, send money to your family using the “Next Day” option. You benefit from lower transfer fees from as low as 7 CHF for a first-class service that is just as reliable.

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Next Day Service – Latin America.

Our new money transfer option to Latin America - Next Day - offers reliable and best-in-class service as well as low transfer fees. The Next Day service starts July 3rd, 2014, with rates starting from 5 CHF.

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Western Union Hotline
0800 007 107 (freephone)

Mo–Fr: 7.00–19.00
Sa–Su: 9.00–13.00 / 14.00–18.00