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Transfer cash abroad securely with Western Union.

You can transfer money to over 200 countries using the Western Union cash transfer service at 180 Swiss railway stations and the funds will be available at one of over 500,000 payment agencies within minutes.

Send money & rates

To send money successfully at SBB counters, you need:

  • First and last name of the recipient according to presented identification document
  • Valid proof of your identity
  • Cash or a debit card

The transfer takes just a few steps:

The transfer takes just a few steps:
Go to the Western Union counter at your nearest railway station.
Please tell the clerk the country to which the funds are being sent, the amount of the transfer and the full name of the recipient.
The clerk will record your details, check them together with your personal details and they will be printed on the voucher for the transfer.
Check that all the information on the voucher is correct and confirm by signing it.
Once you have paid the amount to be transferred and signed the voucher for the money transfer, your ID card will be returned to you with a copy of the money transfer as a receipt. The Western Union transaction number (Money Transfer Control Number, or MTCN) will be shown on this voucher.
The money is now ready to be collected. Tell the recipient that he can collect the money at any Western Union office in the recipient country. To do so, the recipient must quote the transaction number (MTCN), the full name of the person sending the money, the country of origin and the precise amount.
You can find information about the possible payment agencies here.


The current exchange rates you will find at your SBB train station or calling the Western Union Hotline 0800 007 107 .  


If the funds are needed quickly, you can send them throughout the world in just a few minutes**.

If you are not in a hurry, send your family money using the “Send & Save Service”** option. Benefit from lower transfer fees for our first-class service that is just as reliable.

The “Mobile Money Transfer” service allows you to transfer the funds straight to a mobile phone. The maximum amount that can be transferred per transaction is CHF 440.–

With the “Direct to Bank” service, you can send cash directly to the recipient’s bank account from the SBB Counter


* Western Union also makes money from converting currencies. When selecting your money transfer provider, please compare both the transfer fees

and the conversion charges.

** Payments may be delayed or services may not be available because of certain conditions associated with the transactions – such as the amount

sent, the destination country, availability of currencies, legal requirements, proof of entitlement, opening hours of the agencies, different time zones

or a combination of several factors. The maximum amount that can be sent is CHF 8,500 or the equivalent in local currency per person per

transaction per day. Transactions may not be split. Senders and recipients must present valid proof of their identity (passport, identity card).

Occasionally and irrespective of the amount involved, additional information and documents pertaining to the transaction may be requested.

Valid as of March 2015. Rates may be changed without any prior notification.


Money Transfer to Kosovo starting from CHF 5.00 Transfer fee.

Now you can send money to your friends and family in Kosovo in minutes for a transfer fee starting from CHF 5.00, e.g. up to CHF 500.00 for a transfer fee of CHF 5.00, CHF 1'500.00 for a transfer fee of CHF 10.00. The offer is available at all SBB railway stations. Available for a short time only - benefit now!

Send & Save Service – Latin America.

Our money transfer option to Latin America - Send & Save Service - offers reliable and best-in-class service as well as low transfer fees. The rates starting from 5 CHF.

» More (in German)


You will find more specials here.

Receive money

To receive money successfully at SBB counters, you need:

  • Valid proof of your identity
  • The Money Transfer Control Number (MTCN)
  • Country of dispatch
  • First and last name of the sender according to presented identification document
  • Amount you expect to receive

It takes just a few steps to receive a transfer successfully:

It takes just a few steps to receive a transfer successfully:
Go to a Western Union counter at a railway station near you. All you need is valid proof of your identity. Tell the clerk the transaction number (MTCN), the country from which the funds are being sent, the full name of the sender and the amount you are expecting to receive.
The clerk at the counter will check your identity and the information you have provided. If the information matches and the money is ready for collection, he will print out the voucher to obtain the money.
Check the information on the voucher. If the details are correct, sign the voucher. The clerk at the counter will pay you the money and give you the receipt.

Mobile Money Transfer

With the new “Mobile Money Transfers” service, you can transfer money directly using a mobile phone to Bangladesh, El Salvador, Guatemala, Indonesia, Kenya, Madagascar, Nepal, Paraguay, Philippines, Tanzania, Uganda and Vietnam – quickly, conveniently and reliably.

Your receiver can use the transferred credit to pay bills, top up their telephone credit or buy goods and services, or they can also obtain cash at a Western Union agent location. This service is being extended to other countries on an ongoing basis.

How does “Mobile Money Transfers” work?

How does “Mobile Money Transfers” work?
The prerequisite for using this service is that the receiver registers with their mobile phone provider for a mobile wallet, a so-called “m-wallet”.
Transfer your money at one of the 180 SBB stations with this Western Union service.
To make a transfer, you will require valid identification as well as your own and your receiver’s mobile numbers.
The standard charges from Western Union apply. There are no additional costs.
The maximum transfer amount per transmission is CHF 440.
The amount is available to the receiver just a few minutes after making the transfer.

Direct to Bank Transfer

As of 1st of July 2016 with the “Direct to Bank” service, you can send cash directly to the recipient’s bank account from the SBB counter and still benefit from an attractive transfer fee of just CHF 5.00*!

Do you want to make the receipt of a money transfer easier for your friends and acquaintances?
Then use the “Direct to Bank” service. This spares the recipient a trip to the nearest Western Union outlet, as the money is transferred simply, quickly and conveniently to their bank account.Find out which countries are included in this service here.

How does “Direct to Bank” work?

How does “Direct to Bank” work?
In order to use this service, the recipient must have a bank account and the service must be available in the country of choice. List of participating countries here.
Transfer your money at 180 SBB stations with this Western Union service.
In order to make a transfer, you need to have a valid form of ID and the recipient’s bank account details (name of bank, IBAN and BIC).
A standard transfer fee of just CHF 5.00* will be charged, no matter how much you want to transfer. There are no additional costs at the recipient’s end.
The amount will be credited to the recipient’s account within one working day in most countries.

*The CHF 5.- fixed transfer fee is valid from 1.07.2016 to 31.12.2016.


With the free Western Union My WU, you earn reward points for every money transfer sent – and then exchange the points for a discount on future transfer fees.

Earning points.

Earning points.
Fee paid (CHF) Reward points
1 1

Your points will be added to your My WU account automatically.
The maximum number of points accrued per transaction is 60.

Your discount.

Your discount.
Reward pointsDiscount (CHF)

How to redeem your reward points.

  • Simply send us a text message. Click here for instructions.
  • Prior to the transaction, just call our Western Union My WU Customer Service Centre toll-free (00800 3940 3940, Monday to Sunday from 8 a.m. to 11 p.m.).
  • You can also redeem your reward points directly at Western Union.

How to obtain your Western Union My WU.

  • Bring a valid passport or other official photo ID to one of the 180 SBB train stations with a Western Union counter.
  • You can begin earning reward points immediately with the first transaction.

More information on the Western Union My WU.

For more information, please call our free Western Union Hotline at (00800 3940 3940, Monday to Sunday from 8 a.m. to
11 p.m.).

WU @ SBB App

This is the App that speeds up your money transfer.
Do you send money frequently? Then, WU@SBB app is the perfectfit for you!

  • Send money at the time of your choosing 24/7.
  • Pay at one of over 1,000 SBB ticket machines equipped with the scanner function located at train stations around Switzerland.
  • You can pay in cash.
  • Track your transaction’s status on your mobile phone.
  • Get a clear overview of transfer fees and currency exchange rates.

Download the app here.

Version 8.0 or later
Version 4.0 or later


- Download the WU@SBB App from the App Store. Please click here.


- Follow the instructions and fill in the required fields.

- Register up to 5 receivers.

- Complete the registration and get a confirmation email.

- Print out and sign the registration confirmation.

- Take the signed confirmation form, a valid ID, the contract with your Swiss mobile network
  provider or the last mobile phone invoice to your nearest SBB location for identification.

- NOTE: If you use a company phone, you will need to provide an official confirmation signed
  by the company stating that the phone is being used by yourself

- Receive a notification within 5 days that your registration is finalized and approved by SBB

- The WU@SBB App is now activated and ready to use!

- For a detailed Instruction video on the identification process please click here


- Fill in your money transfer details

- You will receive a transaction confirmation code via SMS on your mobile phone.

- Enter the confirmation code to finalize your transaction.

- Receive a QR code generated by your WU@SBB App that is valid for 1 hour.

- For a detailed instruction video on the transaction process please click here


- Go to the nearest SBB ticker machine equipped with the scanner function.

- Scan your QR code

- Pay with either cash or debit card.

- Get an onscreen as well as a printed receipt with a Money Transfer Control Number (MTCN).

- Share this number with the person you are sending money to.

- Done!



Western Union hotline
0800 007 107 (free)

Mo–Fr 7.00–19.00
Sa 9.00–13.00 / 14.00–18.00

MYWU hotline
00800 3940 3940 (free)

Mo–Su 8.00–23.00