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Western Union “Mobile Money Transfers” – as fast and simple as a text message.

With the new “Mobile Money Transfers” service, you can transfer money directly using a mobile phone to to Bangladesh, El Salvador, Guatemala, Indonesia, Kenya, Madagascar, Nepal, Paraguay, Philippines, Tanzania, Uganda and Vietnam – quickly, conveniently and reliably.

Your receiver can use the transferred credit to pay bills, top up their telephone credit or buy goods and services, or they can also obtain cash at a Western Union agent location. This service is being extended to other countries on an ongoing basis.

How does “Mobile Money Transfers” work?

  • The prerequisite for using this service is that the receiver registers with their mobile phone provider for a mobile wallet, a so-called “m-wallet”.
  • Transfer your money at one of the 180 SBB stations with this Western Union service.
  • To make a transfer, you will require valid identification as well as your own and your receiver’s mobile numbers.
  • The standard charges from Western Union apply. There are no additional costs.
  • The maximum transfer amount per transmission is CHF 500.
  • The amount is available to the receiver just a few minutes after making the transfer.


Western Union hotline
0800 007 107 (free of charge)

Mo–Fr: 7.00–19.00
Sa–Su: 9.00–13.00 / 14.00–18.00