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SBB.Connect: travelling with friends.

SBB.Connect is finishing.

SBB.Connect is finishing.
Up to 31 December, thanks to SBB.Connect, you will still know whether your friends on Facebook and Twitter are on the same train, tram, bus or boat as you. You can then meet up with them on the journey and chat and travel together. We will be removing the app from the range after this date. Thank you for your loyalty over the last two years. The experiences gained will be used to further develop our most important app, SBB Mobile.

With SBB.Connect you can also collect points and badges as awards, become a mayor and also benefit from vouchers at a later date. SBB.Connect is a free app from SBB for iPhones and Android smartphones.


You can download SBB.Connect free of charge in the iTunes App Store (for iPhones) or in the Google Play Store (for Android smartphones).



SBB.Connect is the new free SBB app and offers you many options to make your journey pleasanter:

  • You can find out who is travelling on the same train, bus, train or boat as you.
  • You can see who is at the station at the same time.
  • You can chat with friends and people you have just got to know.
  • You can become the mayor of a station or connection.
  • You can collect points and receive badges as awards.
  • You will benefit from attractive vouchers.

SBB.Connect works via SBB Mobile:

  • You can see other passengers thanks to the InApp link via SBB Mobile.
  • You can buy a ticket (MobileTicket) thanks to the InApp link via SBB.Connect.

The functions.

Check in and collect points.

Once you have registered with SBB.Connect, you can check-in on the routes you are travelling. In this way you can collect points and badges. At the same time you see other users of SBB.Connect, who are travelling on your route. The length of the route and journey time determines how many points or which badges you receive.

Chat with other passengers.

The chat function enables you to make direct contact with other passengers. In this way you can find your friends who are travelling on the same route, or meet new people. If you don’t want to then you can of course make your profile visible to your friends only.

Collect badges as awards.

Whether you are travelling on a particular route, have to change trains often or are simply making a long journey: you will be awarded badges for certain circumstances of your journey. You will therefore be rewarded if you are travelling early or for switching to the regional train at peak times.

Become mayor.

If you often travel the same route or check in more frequently than everyone else at a place, you become mayor. Others can challenge this title if they beat you at the check-ins. The true winner will be identified based on the check-ins, the kilometres travelled and the length of the journeys in the last 60 days.

Benefit from vouchers.

Vouchers are deposited at certain places and at certain times, and you can redeem them when you arrive at RailCity. All you have to do is check in your journey at SBB.Connect and with luck, you will receive a voucher.


SBB.Connect is available free of charge at the iTunes App Store und Google Play Store. When downloading and using the application, you are only charged the costs for data transfer based on the rates specified by your mobile network provider.


Who are my friends?

You can’t add or delete friends on SBB.Connect. Your friends on SBB.Connect are either your Facebook friends and/or the people you follow and who follow you on Twitter, depending on which network you’re linked to.

How do I make a timetable enquiry?

Departure boards are available on SBB.Connect. If you want to plan a trip or if your journey involves several transfers, please use SBB Mobile. You check in to the connection of your choice in the detailed view of your journey in SBB Mobile. Just hit the SBB.Connect button on the lower right in SBB Mobile.

What is a mayor?

The public-office title of “Mayor” is awarded to those users who are often at a particular station or travel frequently along a certain route. There is only one mayor for a given station or route.

What is a badge?

A badge is an award. You receive a badge when you meet specific criteria. For example, when you have travelled a total of 1000 km, you receive a frequent traveller badge in bronze. If you diligently continue to check in for the same route, your badge will turn first to silver and later even gold.

How can I search for a stop?

When you start up SBB.Connect, it automatically displays the next stations. Priority tends to be given to major train stations. This is indicated by the train symbol. Click on the right or left arrow to search for the desired stop or train station. If your stop or station isn’t displayed, use pull-to-refresh to update the list of stations. If your station or stop still doesn’t appear, plan your route with SBB Mobile and click on the InApp link to SBB.Connect located in the detail view of your journey in SBB Mobile.

Why can’t I check in?

In order to prevent misuse, you can only check in fifteen minutes before departure. Moreover, you have to be close to the stop or train station. If one of these two criteria is not fulfilled, your check-in will be stored and SBB.Connect will send you a push message telling you to check in for your journey.

Who can view what in my profile?

In settings, there are various ways to customise your privacy levels. If you complete your check-in for a connection without the “private” or “hidden” settings, everyone can see your profile picture, your first name, and the first letter of your abbreviated surname (for example Hans M.). All of your friends see your whole surname. If you check in under “private”, only your friends can see you. If you check in under “hidden”, no one can see you. Please note the following points: If you check in under “private” or “hidden”, you will see everyone who checks in without these settings, but since they can’t see you, you won’t be able to chat with them. Furthermore, you can still become the mayor of a station or route when you check in under “private” or “hidden”. Mayor is always a public office and can therefore be viewed by everyone.

Can I block people?

Yes, you can block anyone you wish. Go to the person’s profile view and click on the red “block” button. This person will no longer see you – neither in the overall ranking nor in your public offices, nor will they see if you are checked in at a particular location. Of course, this person will not be informed and can’t find out anywhere who blocked him or her. We regularly monitor people who tend to get blocked frequently. However, if you discover that someone is acting in violation of our rules, please report them at

How does the chat function work?

Not only can you chat with your friends, you can also chat with people you meet while travelling. Just click on the red speech bubble. Only you and your chat partner can view the chat. The first check mark after your message means that your message has been sent. A second check mark means that your message has been read.

How do I use vouchers?

When you receive a voucher, you can redeem it in the shop it’s issued for. Just click on “current vouchers” and select the appropriate voucher. When you’re at the check-out counter, confirm that you want to use your voucher by clicking “redeem now”. The 2-minute countdown will begin immediately. Show your voucher before time runs out. Expired and missed vouchers can no longer be redeemed.

When do I receive a voucher?

Vouchers are distributed automatically according to location or journey. For certain vouchers, only a specific quota is available. When you’re travelling with friends, it’s therefore possible that you don’t all receive the same vouchers.

Where can I turn for support?

Please understand that we are unable to offer user support for SBB.Connect at this time. If you have questions, try asking others in the SBB.Connect community. Many SBB.Connect users are glad to help. To receive regular updates on SBB.Connect, please follow the SBB.Connect Twitter account. If you have ideas you’d like to share about how we can improve SBB.Connect in the future, please send us an e-mail at