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SBB Mobile: Your timetable and ticket counter on the go.

With SBB Mobile, you have access to all the information you need whilst on the move. Using the app, you can buy tickets any time, anywhere. You also have public transport timetable details right at your fingertips and access to real-time information on current arrival and departure times throughout your journey. You can even subscribe to push notifications to notify you of platform changes, delays or cancellations affecting your favourite routes.


Get SBB Mobile for free on your iOS (Apple), Android or Windows smartphone or tablet.



 iOSAndroidWindows Phone
System requirementsat least iOS 7.0at least Android 2.1
GPS module mandatory
at least
version 8.0
GPS module mandatory

Data usage.

 iOSAndroidWindows Phone
App download (one-off)approx. 10 MBapprox. 5.3 MBapprox. 5.4 MB
Updating timetable informationapprox. 2–10 KBapprox. 2–10 KBapprox. 2–10 KB
Purchasing a ticketapprox. 60 KBapprox. 60 KBapprox. 60 KB
Downloading a map (per zoom level or change of scale)approx. 100 KBapprox. 100 KBapprox. 100 KB
Updating news and RSS feeds, requesting real-time informationapprox. 0.2–3 KBapprox. 0.2–3 KBapprox. 0.2–3 KB

Purchasing a ticket

Once you have registered with the SBB Ticket Shop, you can also use your details to log into SBB Mobile and buy tickets whenever and wherever you like.

If you haven't registered yet, it's easy to set up an account on your PC or directly in the SBB Mobile app (iPhone/Android: "Tickets" menu; Windows Phone: "Tickets" menu, "Not yet registered").


On our MobileTickets page, you can find a simple step-by-step guide to buying tickets, a comprehensive FAQ section and information on the range and the payment methods accepted.

Timetable and station infos

Timetable functions.

  • Direct online enquiries via iPhone or iPod touch
  • Enter stations, stops, addresses and landmarks
  • Retrieve departure/destination points from Contacts
  • Easy access to previous timetable requests
  • Urban, national and international timetables (just like the SBB online timetable)
  • Show intermediate stops (journey information)
  • Arrival and departure boards for each station
  • Today widget with departures timetable for iOS

Real-time information.
Delays, alternative routes, cancellations, platform changes, rail traffic information, strikes and predicted occupancy of trains.

Push notifications.
You can set up push notification subscriptions for your journeys (max. 20) – push notifications will keep you up to date in accordance with your personalised settings for advance warning times and delay minutes.

"Take me home" function.
SBB Mobile will get you home safely: with just one click, the app will calculate the quickest route home. From door to door.

Correct right down to the address.
You can create your route enquiries using an extendable adaptive favourites list that recognises individual addresses and points of interest as well as stations (approx. 28,000) and stops (approx 6,000).

Map support.
Are you unfamiliar with your departure point or destination? Find your current position and the nearest station or stop using Google Maps and then transfer this to your route enquiry.

Station information.

Detailed information about our largest stations.

  • Find the location and opening times of shops, facilities and SBB services in just a few clicks
  • Arrive and continue your journey: get information on all kinds of connecting transport such as RailTaxi, Click & Drive, etc.
  • Important and interesting information from the surrounding area – with support from
  • Arrival and departure boards
  • Feedback form for station complaints

Additional functions.

  • Creation and processing of lost property reports for the SBB Lost and Found Service
  • Rail traffic information and SBB press releases (RSS feeds)
  • Information on railway catering services and Starbucks Coffee House on wheels
  • Speed dial for emergency numbers (SBB Police, paramedics and fire crews)
  • QR reader
  • Available in German, French, Italian and English
  • Automatic updates

Apple Watch

The SBB Mobile update for iOS on 4 August 2015 will include a widget for the Apple Watch. This means that, in future, you will be able to use the following functions on your wrist too:

  • Favorite timetable enquiries
  • Take me Home from your location (GPS positioning)
  • Departures timetable from your nearest stop (GPS positioning)

You can find more information about the Apple Watch at