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SMS timetable.

Your SMS timetable for wherever you happen to be.

The SMS timetable delivers information on trains, buses and urban transport services to your mobile phone anywhere, anytime.

Note: The paid-for service SMS Timetable will be discontinued on 13.12.2014. The latest timetable information can be accessed free of charge at any time via, or our SBB Mobile app for smartphones.

Send SMS

Enquiry    Orange / Swisscom / Sunrise
Departing immediately Text "Place of departure Destination" to 222 (CHF 0.60)
Departing at 7 p.m. Text "Place of departure Destination 1900" to 222 (CHF 0.60)
Arriving at 7 p.m. Text "Place of departure Destination 1900.AN" to 222 (CHF 0.60)
Departing at 7 p.m.
+ platform information
Text "Place of departure Destination 1900 G" to 222 (CHF 0.60)
 Departing in about three hours Text "Place of departure Destination 3" to 222 (CHF 0.60)

Ambiguous selection.

If you enter an ambiguous station name, you will receive an SMS with a numbered list of stations. Send a reply with one of the numbers from the list, and you will receive an SMS with the information you require.

Full stops instead of spaces.

Replace spaces in place names by full stops, as in "Interlaken.Ost".


Each SMS timetable enquiry costs CHF 0.60. If your enquiry fails to come up with a valid connection, the charge is reduced to CHF 0.30.

Tips & Tricks

Useful information.

The system does not differentiate between upper and lower case letters.

Place names selection list.

Departure stations and destinations are not always clear if there is more than one station in the desired place.

For enquiries that do not automatically match up to a single station, you will receive the reply Selection list with numbered entries. By sending another SMS with the number that corresponds to the desired station name, you will receive the timetable information you need.

Names can also be entered without accents, e.g.

  • GENEVE (instead of Genève)
  • NEUCHATEL (instead of Neuchâtel)
  • DELEMONT (instead of Delémont)
  • etc.

In the case of station names that contain spaces, enter a dot between words, e.g.

  • AFFOLTERN.AM.ALBIS (for Affoltern am Albis)
  • INTERLAKEN.OST (for Interlaken Ost)
  • etc.

Zurich Hauptbahnhof can be entered as either ZURICH or ZÜRICH.

Where data inputs are incomplete, imprecise or incorrect, the SMS Timetable always assumes the stop that begins with the relevant letters or contains the relevant name.

SMSs (text messages) can contain a maximum of 160 characters. If there are several connecting stations with long names, it may therefore not always be possible to display all the connection details.

If you have any questions about the technical configuration or about how to use SMS, please contact your network operator (Swisscom, Orange, Sunrise) or the device manufacturer.