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Rail traffic information.

Here you can find round-the-clock updates on the current service situation on the Swiss rail network and information on any disruptions. All SBB lines and those of licensed transport companies are included. SBB also keeps you updated on major disruptions and strikes abroad.

Latest news

Here you can find the latest information on strikes and interruptions in the event of major disruptions to the rail network.

Click here to see a more detailed list and map.

As the situation can change at any time, we recommend you refresh this page regularly.


The automated Twitter account @railinfo_sbb (in German) will keep you up to date around the clock.

You can also use Twitter to ask questions about the current service situation and any disruptions using the account @RailService.

Additional information channels

By telephone.

Tel. 166 – Automatic rail traffic information
(CHF 0.50 per call and per minute from the Swiss fixed-line network):

  • Delays, cancellations and rerouted trains on Swiss long-distance services and direct international routes
  • Closed lines and major railway stations
  • Service restrictions on main lines
  • Information on strikes abroad

All information is available in German, French, Italian and English. Although the language will be preselected automatically based on where you are calling from, it can still be changed manually. You can navigate the menu using voice commands or by pressing keys on your telephone keypad.

Via Teletext.

Pages 486 and 487 on SRF1, RTS1, RSI1:

You can view departure boards for the sixteen most important stations in Switzerland on Teletext page 486 on SRF1, RTS1 or RSI1, allowing you to find out about any delays from the comfort of your own home.

The table below shows which stations are listed on each of the three channels:


Basel SBB, Bern, Brig, Buchs/SG, Chur, Lucerne, Olten, St. Gallen, Zurich main station


Bern, Biel/Bienne, Geneva, Lausanne, Sion


Bellinzona, Chiasso, Locarno, Lugano, Lucerne, Zurich main station


The departure boards display the following information:

  • Departure time and departure station for long-distance trains. Delays of five minutes or more are also displayed.
  • Trains that have been cancelled on part of a route are indicated by “*Ausf”.
  • Special event trains are indicated by the prefix “EXT” in front of the train number.

On Teletext page 487 of the same broadcasters, we publish up-to-date reports on disruptions, construction works on the Swiss rail network and information from neighbouring countries.

RSS feeds.

We provide various RSS feeds which you can subscribe to using suitable readers in order to keep up to date at all times:

Rail traffic information for Switzerland.
General information on construction works, disruptions and delays anywhere in Switzerland (subscribe to this link:

Regional rail traffic information.
On this page, you can put together your own personalised RSS feed and select the topics for which you would like to receive updates. You can choose from five main regions of Switzerland plus, optionally, our neighbouring countries.


This is where you can find links to rail network updates from our neighbouring countries:

All information subject to change without notice.


Tel. 166

(CHF 0.50 per call and per minute from the Swiss fixed-line network)

Twitter feed with rail traffic information:
@railinfo_sbb (in German)