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International tickets: Italy.

With Euro-City trains to Italy you travel at the standard fare or at a particularly low price with the supersaver ticket. The mandatory seat reservation and any supplements are included in the fare. Your ticket is valid for the train and day for which it was issued. It is worth booking early as the prices may increase or decrease depending on the day of departure and train. This applies in particular to attractive supersaver tickets for which the numbers are limited.

Purchase your ticket for the EuroCity to Milan and Venice simply online and print it out yourself. Besides this you can also print out tickets conveniently at home for journeys within Italy with the following Trenitalia trains: Frecciarossa (FR), Frecciabianca (FB), Frecciargento (FA), InterCity (IC) and EuroCity (EC).

Standard tariffs

For cross-border journeys from all Swiss departure points for Euro-City trains to Italy, you will receive a ticket, which includes the price for the journey, obligatory seat reservation and any supplements. These tickets are issued at the market price, and the prices are higher or lower depending on the day of departure and the train. Booking early means cheaper travel.


  • Advance purchase from 120 days before departure.


  • With the Half-Fare travelcard and GA travelcard, you receive the usual reduction for the Swiss part of the route.
  • Children up to 16 years in families, accompanied by a parent, grandparent or the partner of such (proof required) travel free of charge with the Junior/Grandchild travelcard in Switzerland and half-price in Italy.
  • Reduced group tariffs may apply for 6 passengers travelling together. Please book early.
  • Discounts apply for cross-border EC trains in Switzerland and Italy.

Reservations and supplements.

  • Obligatory seat reservations and supplements are included.
  • Any counter fees will be due for payment when purchasing tickets at the staffed ticket counter.

Supersaver tickets

With a supersaver ticket Europe or a supersaver ticket Europe Mini, you can travel at particularly low prices from a station where you board the EuroCity in Switzerland to Italy and in the reverse direction. Supersaver tickets are available for a single journey. The mandatory seat reservations and any supplements are included. With a supersaver ticket you can only board the selected train and if you do not do so it expires. You can purchase supersaver tickets for 1st and 2nd class but the number of tickets is limited. We therefore recommend that you buy early.


  • The number of places is limited.
  • Advance purchase from 120 to 21, 14 or 7 days before departure (depending on the type of offer).
  • No exchange, no refund


  • No further reductions (not even for the Half-Fare travelcard, GA travelcard and children).
  • Reduced ticket for a single journey in 1st and 2nd class.

Reservations and supplements.

  • Obligatory seat reservation and supplements are included.
  • Any counter fees will be due for payment when purchasing tickets at the staffed ticket counter.

Price, product and timetable specifications subject to modifications.