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Frequently asked questions about buying tickets with SBB Mobile.


FAQs: Basic features of the new app.

1.1. Start screen.

Just a few clicks is all it takes to access your most important features even more quickly. Naturally, you can decide for yourself how to arrange your favourite tiles on your start page.

1.2. Touch timetable.

Timetable enquiries have never been easier: just touch the desired place of departure and destination on your display – no need to type anything! The ticket can then be conveniently purchased in a matter of seconds by simply swiping the screen. In addition, you can save locations in the new touch timetable along with photos of loved ones or other pictures you have taken.

1.3. Purchasing process.

You don’t need to use your password to purchase tickets that cost less than 40 Swiss francs, which makes the ticketing process easier and faster.


Tip: If you want to try out the purchasing process, you can activate the demo mode in “Settings”.

1.4. Regional transport tickets.

When you’re using public transport in cities or urban areas, the app’s GPS localisation feature will display the closest stops of the respective fare network on the app’s start page. This means the right departure stop automatically appears on the display and you can purchase your regional transport ticket quickly and easily.

1.5. Travel companion.

Which platform is your train departing from?  Is your train delayed perhaps?  Is there any construction work going on, or have platform changes been made?  The travel companion fea-ture keeps you informed in real time before and during your journey – and will even wake you up when it’s time to change trains.  What’s more, in the event that you are unable to catch your connecting train due to a delay, your travel companion will automatically suggest alternative connections. This information is available for train connections within Switzerland and for connections to France, Germany and Austria.  Information on trams and buses in larger cities will be added soon.

1.6. Tickets for accompanying passengers.

If you’re travelling with others, you can purchase tickets for them during the same transaction. The process is even faster when you store the details for accompanying passengers in the app – i.e. name, date of birth and discounts such as the Half-Fare travelcard. For the next purchase, simply select your co-passengers and the corresponding tickets are instantly added to the transaction.


Further information:


FAQs about account and login.

1.7. What sort of account do I need to purchase tickets with the SBB


You can register for an SBB Ticket Shop account quickly and easily directly in the app. If you already have an SBB Ticket Shop login for online purchases at, you can use the same login data. Please be careful not to use your SwissPass login. The SwissPass login cannot yet be used for making purchases via the SBB Mobile app.

1.8. Can I change my password for my SBB Ticket Shop account

(not SwissPass)?

You can change your password online at Go to “My Account” – “Security Settings”. Please note that if you change your password, the payment method stored in your account will be automatically deleted for security reasons.

1.9. What should I do if I can’t log in? (If I’ve forgotten my username

or password).

Please be careful not to use your SwissPass login. The SwissPass login cannot yet be used for making purchases via the SBB Mobile app.
Visit to request a username or password reminder for your SBB Ticket Shop account. To do this, you’ll need the e-mail address that you entered when registering. If you don’t receive an e-mail, make sure that you entered your e-mail address correctly and that the e-mail hasn’t gone to your spam folder. Please only get in touch with the contact centre once you have tried the steps described above.

1.10. How can I delete my SBB Ticket Shop account?

Get in touch with the contact centre if you want to delete your account completely.  

1.11. How can I change my username?

Your username cannot be changed. However, you can open a new account with a new username and e-mail address.


FAQs Travelcards – SwissPass and regional travelcards.

2. Questions about the SwissPass.

2.1. Why should I store my SwissPass?

If you store your SwissPass in the app, you will not usually have to show your SwissPass card during the ticket inspection on the train any more and will be able to leave it in your bag.

2.2. Do I need a SwissPass login too?

No, the SwissPass login and SwissPass card are two separate things. You can’t use your SwissPass login for SBB Mobile yet. You can only store your SwissPass customer number.

2.3. How do I store my SwissPass?

Please log in to SBB Mobile first.
PLEASE NOTE: You still need to use your existing SBB Ticket Shop account to log in to SBB Mobile, not your SwissPass login. (You won’t be able to use your SwissPass login until sometime in 2017).

Once you have logged in, go to “My settings” and then to “SwissPass”. Then, to confirm, please enter the password for your SBB Ticket Shop account again (not your SwissPass login details!).  

Enter your ten-digit customer number (as it appears on your SwissPass card) and postcode. Then confirm the details you have entered with “OK”.  

2.4. An error occurs when saving the SwissPass customer number.

Please log in to your SBB Ticket Shop account (at and check that the postcode and other details are correct and identical to the ones you have entered. If you have already linked your SBB Ticket Shop account to a SwissPass login, please also check your details at

2.5. My postcode has five digits.

We are aware of this problem and are working to solve it.  

2.6. An error occurs when saving the SwissPass number

(e.g. a link for this user already exists).

If this happens, please get in touch with the contact centre so that any incorrect link can be re-moved.

Further information:

3. Questions about regional travelcards.

3.1. Why should I store a regional travelcard?

If you store the zones of your regional travelcard, they will be removed when you zone up-grades.

Please note: This does not happen when you purchase standard tickets. The zones of a regional travelcard are only taken into account when you purchase zone upgrades.

3.2. Why can I only store the zones, not the regional travelcard


Initially, it will only be possible to store the zones digitally in the app, not the travelcard. In 2017, a large number of travelcards will be issued on the SwissPass and will then be stored in the app automatically.

3.3. Why can I only store the zones for a zone upgrade, not for all


Initially, it will only be possible to take the zones into account for zone upgrade tickets. In 2017, a large number of travelcards will be issued on the SwissPass and will then be stored in the app automatically.

3.4. Where can I store the zones of my regional travelcard?

Select a service within the regional transport network, such as Bern–Ostermundigen (Libero network). Then select the zone upgrade from the list. Next, click on the “Save regional travel-card” link.

Update: The regional travelcard can now also be added for zone upgrades under “Settings”.

3.5. Which regional travelcards can I store?

You can store the travelcard zones for all regional transport networks that offer zone upgrades.   

3.6. Even though a regional travelcard has been stored, zones have

been incorrectly calculated.

Due to the large number of different regional transport networks, errors can sometimes occur when the zones are calculated. Please report specific examples of errors by sending an e-mail to

Further information:

FAQs App features.

4. Questions about features of the SBB Mobile app.

4.1. Why isn’t there a QR reader any more?

The QR reader was rarely used. There are also numerous apps in the App Store (iOS) and Play Store (Android) which offer more functions.  

4.2. Why has the widget gone?

The iOS Today widget and Android widget will be provided at a later date.

4.3. Why doesn’t Android support the fingerprint function?

This function will be provided at a later date.

4.4. Why can’t I deactivate the adverts any more?

You can deactivate the adverts under “My settings”, “More settings”, “Display third-party advertising” (remove the tick).

4.5. Can I select tickets directly again in future, without going via

the timetable?  

No, this option will no longer be available. We want to offer every user the best possible ticket for a service, without users having to work it out for themselves.

4.6. How can I change the language?

SBB Mobile appears in the language set in your device. If you have not set your device’s language to German, French or Italian, SBB Mobile will use the language set as your “second language” in the device’s list of active languages.  

4.7. Why isn’t there an offline timetable any more?

Nowadays, the vast majority of our users are online. What’s more, offline timetables cannot pro-vide any information about platform changes, cancellations, delays or other disruptions. SBB also offers free WLAN Internet at all of its larger stations.

Further information:

FAQs Product range & validity.

5. Questions about the product range (not all available yet) in the

SBB Mobile app.

5.1. How do I buy a 1-day travelpass for the Half-Fare travelcard or

regional transport network Day Pass?

To buy a 1-day travelpass or Day Pass, please select the return symbol.

5.2. How can I buy a first-class upgrade?

First select your chosen service. You can then select the first-class upgrade in the list under “Ticket options”. Please note that 2nd class is selected by default. This applies to route-specific class upgrades, 1-day class upgrades and regional transport network class upgrades.

5.3. How can I buy a bike ticket / a 1-day travelpass for children / a

1-day travelpass for dogs?

Bike tickets, 1-day travelpasses for children and 1-day travelpasses for dogs can be bought normally via SBB Mobile.

5.1. How can I reserve a seat or a space for my bike?

It’s not currently possible to reserve seats or spaces for bikes via SBB Mobile.  Please reserve these at and then display the reservations in the app.

5.2. How can I buy a ticket which is valid immediately

(e.g. a first-class upgrade on board the train / combined journey, such as a combined regional network and national journey with a stop-off, e.g. to have a coffee at the station, etc.?

At the moment, a ticket’s time of validity cannot be freely chosen via SBB Mobile. As a work around, an earlier service can be selected or two separate tickets can be purchased. This feature will be added at a later date.

5.3. Why is a more expensive ticket than the one I actually need

sometimes shown first?

In a few cases, the best ticket may not be shown first. If this happens, please scroll down and select the correct ticket.  

5.4. Can I also print out a valid ticket that I’ve bought via SBB


When you log in to, you will see a list of all of your tickets under “My orders”. You can display your chosen ticket in PDF format by clicking on “Select” and print it out by clicking on “Print”.

5.5. Does the app show the tickets that I’ve bought online?

Yes, you can view national and international tickets that you bought online in the SBB Mobile app. You can also visit to print out tickets that you bought via the app. Please make sure that you always use the same SBB Ticket Shop account for this purpose.

Further information:

FAQs Devices and update.

5.6. I have an iPhone 4S and the performance of the new app

is still not great. Can I change back to the old version?

Unfortunately, that’s not possible, but we’re currently working to improve the performance of the new app on the iPhone 4S too.

5.7. I have an iPhone 4 and can’t start the old version of

SBB Mobile any more.

Please completely uninstall SBB Mobile and download it from the store again.

Further information: