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Tickets and travelcards: purchase online with SBB.

You can buy travelcards for Switzerland as well as tickets for Switzerland and Europe conveniently online on a computer or laptop. You can also plan your travel online with public transport and organise your route from door to door.

Incidentally, you can now display tickets purchased online on the app. You can find information on this under “Range”, “Purchasing” and “Ticket checks”.


How registration works.

With simple one-time registration for online purchases at SBB, you can always buy tickets anytime and anywhere online (and mobile). Your personal access data enables you to buy tickets securely with just a few clicks – whether via a computer or a smartphone.

Register in just three steps:

  • Click on the red “Register now” button. This takes you to the SBB registration area.

  • Enter your data and select a username and password.

  • Enter your preferred method of payment (optional for online purchasing and obligatory for mobile purchasing). You can enter the method of payment as standard, so that you do not have to re-enter it again later.


Range for tickets and travelcards purchased online.

Tickets valid throughout Switzerland.

  • Standard ticket in Switzerland (single journey, outward and return journey, for bikes too provided a 1-day bike pass is not required).
  • Supersaver tickets.
  • City-City Tickets.
  • 1-day travelpasses (also the 9 o’clock travelpass, 1-day travelpass for children and 1-day travelpass for dogs).
  • Class upgrade.
  • Multiple-journey tickets.
  • 1-day bike passes.
  • Seat reservations for journeys within Switzerland.
  • Bike reservations (ICN only).

Tickets valid on the fare networks.

  • A-Welle fare network (Aargau, Olten).
  • Ticino and Moesano fare network (Arcobaleno).
  • Bernese Oberland fare network (BeoAbo).
  • Engadin mobil fare network.
  • Euregio Lake Geneva fare network.
  • Schaffhausen fare network (FlexTax).
  • Freiburg fare network (Frimobil).
  • Libero fare network (Bern, Solothurn).
  • Vaud fare network (Mobilis).
  • Neuchâtel fare network (Onde Verte).
  • Ostwind fare network (St. Gallen, Thurgau, Appenzell).
  • Passepartout fare network (Lucerne, Obwalden, Nidwalden).
  • Schwyz fare network.
  • Zug fare network.
  • Northwestern Switzerland TNW fare network.
  • Geneva and Region fare network (unireso).
  • Jura fare network (VagABOnd).
  • Zurich Transport Network ZVV.
  • Night supplements.

The range is extended regularly.

Travelcards for Switzerland.

Tickets for Europe.


  • You can purchase tickets online for all daily connections as well as night connections with City Night Line and print them out yourself.


  • You can buy tickets for all TGV Lyria connections to and including Paris online and print them out yourself.
  • You can book tickets for the TGV Lyria Méditerranée routes online and they will be sent by post within 3 days.


  • You can buy tickets for the EuroCity to Milan and Venice online and print them out yourself.
  • You can buy tickets for journeys within Italy with the following Trenitalia trains online and print them out yourself: Frecciarossa (FR), Frecciabianca (FB), Frecciargento (FA), InterCity (IC) and EuroCity (EC).


  • You can buy tickets for day and night trains online and print them out yourself.

Netherlands, Luxembourg, Hungary, Slovenia, Croatia and Serbia.

  • You can book tickets online for these countries and you will receive them by post within 3 days.

Czech Republic.

  • You can buy tickets for night connections with City Night Line online and print them out yourself.


  • You can book Interrail passes online at, and they will be sent to you free of charge by registered post within 11 working days. Faster delivery times are available for a surcharge.

Advance booking period.

You can buy your ticket up to departure on the means of public transport required. You must hold a valid ticket at the time of departure of the means of public transport. The purchase or ordering process must be completed in full prior to the actual departure and the ticket must be available in the application of the mobile device or in printed form. You will otherwise have to pay a supplement according to T600.5, clause 30.00 (not including the ticket price).


Purchasing tickets online.

Step-by-step instructions for online purchasing.

  • Step 1: buy your ticket directly from the online timetable by clicking on “Price/buy” for your chosen connection. If you already know your travel route or if you would like to buy a travelcard, you can go direct to and select the offer required.
  • Step 2: enter your name and date of birth, choose your travel class, select a single or return journey, add any applicable fare reduction (e.g. the Half-Fare travelcard), and click “continue”. Your ticket price, including special recommended offers, is now displayed.
  • Step 3: if you do not yet have any login details for purchasing online with SBB, click on “Not yet registered?” and create an account. This will allow you to buy your tickets even more quickly in the future. In your personal account area, you can store your favourites, personal details and preferred payment method. However, you do not need to log in to continue the payment process. To this end, click on the “Continue without logging in” button.
  • Step 4: you can check the purchase in your basket, delete tickets, add more items or apply E-vouchers. When you are ready, click on “Checkout", choose your payment method and complete the purchase.
  • Step 5: after the online purchase you can download the ticket via the download link displayed. You then print it out using the print function on your PDF reader (please do not use the browser print function). You can now also display tickets purchased online on the app. To do this, select “Print out or transfer to the SBB Mobile app”. You will find all information under “Range, purchasing and ticket checks”.

Payment method.

You can pay for your tickets purchased online in the following ways:·    With credit cards: Visa, Mastercard, Diners Club, American Express Switzerland, JCB, myOne.

  • With debit cards: PostFinance Card.
  • With prepaid cards: Visa, Mastercard.
  • With e-vouchers.

Note: before you buy a ticket online for the first time, make sure you download and print out the test ticket. Click on “Download test ticket” below and print out the document.

Ticket checks

Ticket checks for tickets and travelcards purchased online.

Your ticket purchased online is personal and cannot be transferred. It is only valid when associated with a valid ID for the passenger (passport, ID card, ticket). (If you hold a Half-Fare travelcard/GA travelcard, this also counts as official ID.)

So that the ticket you have purchased online can be checked, you must show the printout with a valid ID document. Alternatively, you can also show the ticket purchased on the SBB Mobile app.

If you have a Half-Fare travelcard on the SwissPass and have purchased a ticket at a reduced price, from 1 August 2016, it is sufficient to only show the ticket on the app. A precondition of this is that you have linked the personal details from your online account with SBB to the SwissPass account. Then it is not usually necessary to show the SwissPass card. If no online connection is available when the check takes place, you will need to show the SwissPass or a valid official ID document.

New: tickets purchased online can also be accessed on the SBB Mobile app.

Up to now, tickets bought via electronic channels could only be issued where they were purchased (tickets bought at printed out, and ticket purchases via SBB Mobile displayed on the app). It is now also possible to display tickets bought online on the SBB Mobile app and print out tickets purchased via SBB Mobile at The only precondition for this is that the tickets have been purchased via the same user account. (This applies to private as well as business customers.)