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Your tickets any time, anywhere – with SBB Mobile.


Buy tickets using the SBB Mobile app on your smartphone and forget about queuing at ticket counters and machines. There's no need to print your ticket – it's simply stored on your phone.

Buying tickets has never been easier.  



Once you have registered with the SBB Ticket Shop, you can also use your details to log into SBB Mobile and buy tickets whenever and wherever you like. If you haven't registered yet, it's easy to set up an account on your PC or directly in the SBB Mobile app (iPhone/Android: "Tickets" menu; Windows Phone: "Tickets" menu, "Not yet registered").

Step-by-step instructions.

Step-by-step instructions.
Six easy steps to buying your ticket with the free SBB Mobile app.
  • Step 1: open SBB Mobile and click on the ticket symbol in the menu list (alternatively, you can also browse the timetables and click on "Price/buy" for your chosen route).
  • Step 2: select the product you want.
  • Step 3: enter the date on which you wish to travel, as well as the start and end points of your journey, and click "Continue".
  • Step 4: confirm the precise ticket details by choosing your travel class, selecting a single or return journey and adding any applicable fare reduction (e.g. the Half-Fare travelcard).
  • Step 5: you can check the purchase in your basket, add further passengers, or redeem E-vouchers. Then click on "Continue" and complete the purchase.
  • Step 6: Once you have bought your MobileTicket, it is stored on your smartphone under the menu item "Tickets". To view your ticket, open SBB Mobile and shake your smartphone. The most recently bought ticket will be displayed immediately.

Payment method.

You can pay for MobileTickets in the following ways:

  • Credit cards: Visa, Mastercard, Diners Club, American Express Switzerland, JCB, myOne
  • Debit cards: PostFinance card
  • Prepaid cards: Visa, Mastercard
  • E-vouchers

And did you know? As well as allowing you to buy tickets and browse timetables, SBB Mobile has a whole range of useful functions such as station information, a QR reader, rail travel information and an emergency call service. You can find more information here.


The following range of tickets is currently available in SBB Mobile:

National tickets.

  • Standard ticket Switzerland
  • Class upgrade (route-specific)
  • 1-day travelpass with a Half-Fare travelcard
  • 1-day class upgrade for the GA travelcard or 1-day travelpass
  • 9-o'clock travelpass with a Half-Fare travelcard
  • 1-day class upgrade for the 9-o'clock travelpass
  • 1-day travelpass for children
  • City-City Ticket
  • 1-day bike pass full fare
  • 1-day bike pass reduced fare
  • 1-day travelpass for dogs
  • Seat reservations for journeys within Switzerland
  • Bicycle space reservations (ICN only)
  • Supersaver tickets 

Regional travel system tickets.

At present, SBB Mobile offers tickets for the following regional travel systems:
ZVV, Ostwind, Libero, Passepartout, Mobilis, Tarifverbund Nordwestschweiz, unireso, Onde Verte, Tarifverbund Zug, A-Welle, Frimobil, Tarifverbund Schwyz, Tarifverbund Berner Oberland, FlexTax, Arcobaleno.

In most cases, you can buy single tickets, 1-day travelpasses and class upgrades at the very least. The range is continually being expanded.

Ticket for accompanying passengers.

The “Ticket for accompanying passengers” offers the option of purchasing the same ticket for a maximum of eight additional passengers travelling with you. The class and destinations cannot be changed. Please note: when buying tickets for accompanying passengers, you must travel together for the outward and return journeys.

Note: you cannot buy travelcards or international tickets via SBB Mobile. These are only available online in the SBB Ticket Shop.

Download SBB Mobile App

Get SBB Mobile for free on your iOS (Apple), Android or Windows smartphone.


 iOSAndroidWindows Phone
System requirementsat least iOS 7.0at least Android 2.1
GPS module mandatory
at least
version 8.0
GPS module mandatory

Data usage.

Data usage.
 iOSAndroidWindows Phone
App download (one-off)approx. 10 MBapprox. 5.3 MBapprox. 5.4 MB
Updating timetable informationapprox. 2–10 KBapprox. 2–10 KBapprox. 2–10 KB
Purchasing a ticketapprox. 60 KBapprox. 60 KBapprox. 60 KB
Downloading a map (per zoom level or change of scale)approx. 100 KBapprox. 100 KBapprox. 100 KB
Updating news and RSS feeds, requesting real-time informationapprox. 0.2–3 KBapprox. 0.2–3 KBapprox. 0.2–3 KB