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OnlineTickets: print your own tickets.

Use your computer to buy and print out your ticket from the comfort of your home. Present your printed ticket to the inspector.



How do I register?

Simple, one-off registration in the SBB Ticket Shop gives you access to MobileTickets and OnlineTickets any time, anywhere. Use your personal access data to buy tickets securely in just a few clicks, online or on your mobile.

Register in just three steps:

  1. Click on the red button below marked "Register now in the SBB Ticket Shop!"
  2. Submit your details and choose a username and password.
  3. Add your preferred payment method (optional). This means you don't have to re-enter these details later. You must complete this step to use SBB Mobile.


If you require further information, you can find details under frequently asked questions.


Step-by-step instructions.

  • Step 1: buy your ticket directly from the online timetable by clicking on "Price/buy" for your chosen connection.

  • Step 2: enter your name and date of birth, choose your travel class, select a single or return journey, add any applicable fare reduction (e.g. the Half-Fare travelcard), and click "continue". Your ticket price, including special recommended offers, is now displayed.

  • Step 3: if you don't yet have any login details for the SBB Ticket Shop, click on "Not yet registered?" and create an account. This will allow you to buy your tickets even more quickly in the future. In your personal SBB Ticket Shop account area, you can store your favourites, personal details and preferred payment method. However, you do not need to log in to continue the payment process. To this end, click on the "Continue without logging in" button.

  • Step 4: you can check the purchase in your basket, delete tickets, add more items or apply E-vouchers. When you are ready, click on "Checkout", choose your payment method and complete the purchase.

  • Step 5: after buying your ticket, print it out as an OnlineTicket. When asked to show your ticket on the train, present it together with your travelcard or a recognised form of ID.

Note: before you buy an OnlineTicket for the first time, make sure you download and print out the test ticket. Click on "Download test ticket" below and print out the document.


To buy an OnlineTicket, you will need:

One of the following means of payment:

  • Credit cards: Visa, Mastercard, Diners Club, American Express Switzerland, JCB, myOne
  • Debit card (PostFinance Card, Reka-Card)
  • Prepaid cards: Visa, Mastercard
  • E-vouchers

A computer with Internet access and Adobe Reader installed, a laser or inkjet printer and A4 paper.