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A-Welle fare network: Travelling in the canton of Aargau and the Olten-Gösgen-Gäu region.

Well connected: Switzerland’s fare networks.

Nine transport companies in the cantons of Aargau (not Fricktal) and Solothurn (Olten-Gösgen-Gäu region) are combined under the A-Welle fare network. The same simple fare system applies across the entire A-Welle network area. For city or country you require one ticket only.

Whether you need a 1-day travelpass or multiple-journey ticket, a individual ticket, group ticket or travelcard – A-Welle has a suitable product for every travel requirement.

Zone system

Zone plan: click to enlarge.

The zone system applies for all tickets within the entire A-Welle network area. The zone plan shows you how many adjoining zones (areas) you must pay for to go from A to B.
Irrespective of whether you are travelling by train or bus – all types of public transport are included in the price of the zones you have paid for within the period of validity.


How to buy your A-Welle ticket.

You can buy A-Welle tickets at any SBB ticket counter in the network area, in SBB Ticket Shop or via SBB Mobile. Please contact the Rail Service Helpdesk on 0900 300 300 (CHF 1.19/min. from the Swiss fixed-line network), should you have any questions.


Travel everywhere with the Half-Fare travelcard.

If you hold a Half-Fare travelcard, you benefit from reduced prices for all individual or group tickets, multiple-journey tickets and 1-day travelpasses.

Outside the network area.

For journeys beyond the borders of the network, network tickets are only valid up to the last timetabled stop within the zones purchased.
The network tickets are not valid in SBB trains that do not stop in the zones paid for.

The availability of connecting tickets depends on the place of purchase. The correct connecting ticket can be conveniently purchased online at the SBB Ticket Shop.

Nighttime network

  • Thanks to the A-Welle Nighttime Network, you can travel by train and bus at night from Friday into Saturday and Saturday into Sunday until the early hours of the morning.
    The A-Welle Nighttime Network includes all routes designated SN or N and the Staarliner buses of the Aarau region.
    These specially marked A-Welle Nighttime Network routes are subject to supplements.
    If you would like to use the A-Welle Nighttime Network, you will require an A-Welle night supplement of CHF 5.00 in addition to the valid ticket (A-Welle zone ticket, GA travelcard, etc.).
    You can buy the night supplement up to closing time at the ticket counter and at any time of day or night from the ticket machines or via SBB Mobile.

Travel in the ZVV area.

  • If you travel home with a direct nighttime route from the ZVV area (SN1, N32, N33 or N51), you will need a ZVV night supplement (CHF 5.00) on this route. An A-Welle supplement is only required if you change within the A-Welle area.
  • The same rule applies in the reverse direction: A ZVV night supplement is sufficient for the journey with a direct nighttime route in the ZVV area.
  • If you travel using such a route within the A-Welle area only, you will only need the A-Welle night supplement.

Prices, product and timetable specifications subject to modifications.