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HochRhein ticket: Travelling on both sides of the Upper Rhine.

Crossing borders: With the HochRhein ticket and train.
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You can purchase the HochRhein Ticket for journeys between the A-Welle network and the Waldshut Fare Network (WTV). This is suitable for commuters, those crossing the border and the adventurous.

The HochRhein ticket is available as an annual travelcard or monthly travelpass for adults and young adults up to 25 years, in three zone variants – mini, midi and maxi. It is valid for use on all public transport on either side of the Upper Rhine.


Zone system

The zone system applies for all HochRhein tickets in the entire network area. The zone plan shows you how many adjoining zones (areas) you must pay for to go from A to B.

Irrespective of whether you are travelling by train or bus – all types of public transport are included in the price of the zones you have paid for within the period of validity.


How to buy your HochRhein ticket.

You can buy HochRhein tickets at any SBB ticket counter in the network area. Please contact the Rail Service Helpdesk on 0900 300 300 (CHF 1.19/min. from the Swiss fixed-line network), should you have any questions on the HochRhein ticket.


Outside the network area.

For journeys beyond the borders of the network, network tickets are only valid up to the last timetabled stop within the zones purchased.
The network tickets are not valid in SBB trains that do not stop in the zones paid for.