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The GA travelcard on the SwissPass: simply climb on board.

Flexible and independent: with the GA travelcard in 1st or 2nd class, simply climb on board the next train. And children, students, senior citizens and families can obtain the GA travelcard at a reduced price.

With the GA travelcard you enjoy unlimited travel on SBB trains and most other railways in Switzerland. Besides this you can travel on boats, buses and trams and you also receive discounts on many mountain railways (GA TC area of validity). Important: The night supplement is not included in the GA travelcard and you must purchase this additionally.

The SwissPass.
Since 1 August 2015 your GA travelcard has been included on the SwissPass. This is the first stage in a new era for travel on public transport and for your mobility. For the SwissPass is not only the card for your GA travelcard but it also provides you with simple access to partner services from Mobility Carsharing, PubliBike, SwissMobile and to ski areas.

Important: your GA on the blue card is valid up to the expiry date. We have put together for you all information on the services and advantages of the blue card. As soon as you renew your blue GA travelcard it will be issued on the SwissPass. All details regarding purchasing the GA travelcard on the SwissPass and its services are detailed on this page.

However and wherever you acquire your GA travelcard: click on the category below that applies to you and this will take you to the relevant sales channel. If you would like to purchase your GA travelcard at the ticket counter, then print out the GA order slip, complete it and take the required documents with you.