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Half-price across Switzerland.

With the Half-Fare travelcard you can travel half-price* on all SBB routes, on many private railways and mountain railways, and on shipping lines and postbuses.

The Half-Fare travelcard is available for 1, 2 or 3 years and allows you to buy 1st or 2nd class tickets for just half* the price.

There is also a Half-Fare travelcard combined with a free Visa credit card or a Visa prepaid card: You can travel by train at low cost in Switzerland and pay conveniently and without cash when abroad using just one card.

Order your Half-Fare travelcard at your station or on the Internet at SBB Ticket Shop.

The Half-Fare travelcard is even more attractive with the add-on cards. 1-day and 1-month travelpasses turn a Half-Fare travelcard into a GA travelcard for the period they cover. And if young adults aged up to 25 have both a Half-Fare travelcard and Track 7, they travel free of charge after 7 p.m. within the entire SBB network and with a large number of private transport companies throughout Switzerland. Important: The night supplement is not included in Track 7 and you must purchase this additionally.

Additional benefits: With your Half-Fare travelcard you can use the MobilBonus online platform and you receive further discounts if you travel to other European countries by train or if you need a hire car.

Use the services available with your Half-Fare travelcard: If you lose your Half-Fare travelcard, you can obtain a replacement at the counter. For a lost Half-Fare travelcard with Visa Card we offer you 24-hour telephone assistance. If you forget your Half-Fare travelcard you can request a temporary travelcard at the counter.

The Half-Fare travelcard is valid for the entire Swiss public transport network, which covers a total of 26 800 kilometres. The map gives details of the routes and public transport services included.

If you have any questions about the Half-Fare travelcard that are not answered here, you can obtain information at the ticket counter, or by telephone from the Half-Fare Travelcard Helpdesk on 0848 33 55 77 (standard rate: CHF 0.12/min., cheap rate: CHF 0.10/min., from the Swiss fixed-line network).

*Over short distances (because of minimum fare), on reduced tickets or for some combined offers with additional services, the discount with a Half-Fare travelcard may be less than 50%.