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You can order your Half-Fare travelcard at SBB Ticket Shop or at your railway station.

Order online at SBB Ticket Shop.

1-year Half-Fare travelcardCHF 175.–order online
2-year Half-Fare travelcardCHF 330.–order online
3-year Half-Fare travelcardCHF 450.–order online
Half-Fare travelcard for 16-year-oldsCHF 97.–order online
1-year Half-Fare travelcard with Track 7CHF 304.–

order online

Half-Fare travelcard with Visa CardCHF 150.–to application form

Order your Half-Fare travelcard more quickly and conveniently on the internet.

  • When ordering online you can enjoy the benefits of the Half-Fare travelcard within just a few minutes.
  • You simply upload your I.D. photo for the Half-Fare travelcard online.
  • You will immediately receive a temporary travelcard in PDF format, which you can print out at home or in the office. You can then travel straight away at half price or at lower cost.
  • You will receive your permanent Half-Fare travelcard in credit card format by post.

Please note the following when ordering your Half-Fare travelcard.

  • If you order your Half-Fare travelcard approximately 10 days before the valid start date, we will require a good quality passport photo on photographic paper. We will digitalise this and save it for 10 years (5 years for those under the age of 25) and it will be used exclusively for travelcards. If you renew your Half-Fare travelcard, we will automatically use the saved photo.
  • When ordering your Half-Fare travelcard, please bring your passport or identity card with you.
  • We will send you the forgery-proof Half-Fare travelcard in practical credit card format by post within 10 days.
  • If required, we will issue you with a temporary travelcard at the station when you order, so that you can travel at half price straight away.
  • You can hand in your expired Half-Fare travelcard at any station for recycling.

Price and product specifications subject to modifications.