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SwissPass – the key to your mobility.

SwissPass – the key to your mobility.

With the launch of the SwissPass, we are taking the first step in a new era of travel on public transport and personal mobility. The SwissPass is more than just a GA travelcard or Half-Fare travelcard as it offers you access to partner services from Mobility Carsharing, PubliBike, SwissMobile and in the ski areas.

Why SwissPass?
More than half our customers renew their travelcards seamlessly and perhaps you can too. Thanks to the SwissPass you no longer have to think about renewing your travelcard and so you always stay mobile. Your SwissPass Card is valid for several years and we always renew your travelcard on the same card. We remind you of the optional cancellation deadline in good time prior to the automatic travelcard renewal.

Stay mobile with no interruptions.
With the SwissPass you can manage your travelcard data very simply and enjoy access to partner services. Furthermore, you are also helping to protect the environment, for we renew your travelcard on the same SwissPass for several years. We are therefore reducing the number of cards produced and distributed – all in the name of sustainability.

Travelcards on your SwissPass.
Since 1 August 2015 your GA travelcard or Half-Fare travelcard has been included on the SwissPass. In future, we will renew the services on an ongoing basis. We are integrating other travelcards and partner services into the SwissPass in stages.

SwissPass information

SwissPass – on the move with one card.

Your SwissPass is a plastic card – just like your previous travelcards. However, what is different is that this one is equipped with two electronic RFID chips – technology that is already being used for ski passes, for example. Your personal SwissPass number is saved on these chips, and this is used to check your name and travelcard.

Checking the SwissPass.

Ticket inspectors verify your travelcard using an electronic scanner. You must hand them your SwissPass to do this. They check the photo, name and type and validity of your travelcard with the scanner.

  1. You hand your SwissPass to the ticket inspector.
  2. The ticket inspector scans your SwissPass.
  3. The ticket inspector reviews your travelcard details on the scanner.

Customer account – a summary of all the points.

With your customer account at you can access your data at any time. You can manage your personal details conveniently online whenever you wish and will be regularly informed of new offers. Your login also works for SBB Ticket Shop.

It is this easy to register.

Simply complete all fields under “Register”. You can find the relevant details on your SwissPass.

Stay informed.

At you will find information about:

  • the validity of your GA travelcard or Half-Fare travelcard.
  • bills that are outstanding and which have already been paid.
  • activated partner services (e.g. Mobility Carsharing).

Manage your data.

At you can manage your data simply and conveniently:

  • you can choose to have your bills sent by e-mail or post.
  • you can change your address.
  • you can upload a current photo for your new SwissPass if necessary.
  • you can activate a reminder for cancelling your travelcard on time.
  • you can cancel your travelcard.

Reminder function.

At you can set up a reminder of the optional cancellation deadline and the last day of validity of your GA travelcard or Half-Fare travelcard under “Settings/Messages”. You can choose whether you would rather receive the reminder via e-mail or SMS.

The reminder function is only available for the GA travelcard with yearly billing and for the Half-Fare travelcard.

Partner service

SwissPass Plus – mobile in many ways.

The SwissPass is more than a GA travelcard or Half-Fare travelcard. It opens the door to a Mobility car, includes rental bikes from PubliBike and sets the turnstiles in motion in skiing areas. You therefore have one card for various public transport travelcards and partner services.

At you will find a summary of all current partner services, which we are constantly extending. For more detailed information about partner services and for bookings, you will be directed to the websites of the relevant providers.

Mobility Carsharing.

Carsharing is the clever way to drive a car. You are mobile at all times without the obligations that go with having your own car. With Mobility, 2,700 vehicles are available to you around the clock at 1,400 self-service locations across Switzerland. It’s the economical way to stay on the move as you only pay for a car when you really need it.


Travelling by public transport and covering the final stage by bike or e-bike – this is what PubliBike offers. With your SwissPass you can borrow a bike or e-bike around the clock at one of the PubliBike stations, take a bike tour and then bring it back to any station.


The network for Swiss non-motorised traffic offers you attractive routes for walking, cycling, mountain biking, skating and canoeing. SwissMobile makes it possible for you to plan your own routes or try out those from other users. Thanks to its own app, you can save your map quite simply on your mobile device for the next trip and even use it without a network connection.

Winter sports.

With your SwissPass you can obtain your ski pass simply and conveniently with no long queues and enjoy a stress-free outing in the Swiss mountains.

Your SwissPass is also an event ticket.

Good news for all fans of musicals, concertgoers and event enthusiasts: with immediate effect the SwissPass is also your ticket for events from Ticketcorner. Simply purchase your event tickets online and load these onto your SwissPass. Now at

Data protection

A card without customer data – for your security.

The SwissPass is equipped with two RFID chip modules. One chip serves mainly to check the validity of travelcards when used on public transport services and the other one primarily reads ski passes.

No customer data is saved on the chips. They only contain a technical ID number (media ID). When they are checked the scanner reads the media ID and connects with the subscribed services. Without a scanner, merely having the media ID does not allow the card to be traced to a specific person.

The media ID is embedded in an electronic certificate signed by public transport, which enables the authenticity of the card to be checked using the scanner.

We only use the data collected within the framework of the contract to issue and manage your SwissPass. This includes passing on your data to third parties that produce the SwissPass or bill you for subscription services.

We provide data to third parties in the context of delivering services (e.g. card producers), if this is not prohibited by any legal or contractual confidentiality obligation. We ensure that your data is not otherwise used by third parties. We analyse your data for market research purposes in an anonymous way. This helps us to consistently further develop our offers and extend our range for you. Without your specific objection, we also use your analysed data for marketing purposes while adhering to Swiss data protection legislation. You have the option to revoke permission at any time for us to process your personal data for marketing purposes.

Questions and answers

Product range

How will the product range change due to the launch of the SwissPass?

GA travelcard:

  • The SwissPass does not affect the area of validity of your GA travelcard. Only the card itself will change: Instead of the blue travelcard, you will now receive the SwissPass – a red plastic card fitted with two RFID chips.

Half-Fare travelcard:

  • The launch of the SwissPass does not affect the area of validity of your Half-Fare travelcard.
  • With the introduction of the SwissPass, we have simplified our product range: you now pay for the Half-Fare travelcard annually. Therefore, the 2-year or 3-year Half-Fare travelcards will no longer exist. In the first year, you benefit from an introductory price of CHF 165 instead of CHF 185. If you renew your Half-Fare travelcard seamlessly the next year, we will give you a loyalty discount of CHF 20. Customers who renew their expired 2-year or 3-year Half-Fare travelcard seamlessly on a SwissPass will also pay just CHF 165 for the next year.

Half-Fare travelcard and Visa Card:

  • The launch of the SwissPass does not affect the area of validity of your Half-Fare travelcard.
  • With the introduction of the SwissPass, we have modified our product range: The Half-Fare travelcard and Visa card are no longer available on the same card. The Half-Fare travelcard is now on the SwissPass and the Visa card is separate. Ltd is offering all existing customers a new credit card or prepaid card. Ltd will inform you about the new payment card in good time. This offers many attractive travel-related services and a bonus programme.


How do I cancel my GA or Half-Fare travelcard?

GA travelcard with annual invoice and Half-Fare travelcard:

If you hold a GA travelcard which is invoiced annually, or a Half-Fare travelcard, we will remind you of the possible cancellation date in good time before automatically renewing the travelcard. You will receive this with the annual invoice, which is sent to you 60 days before the travelcard expires. This gives you enough time to cancel your travelcard as of the specified date. At the end of the four-month minimum contract period, you can cancel the contract for a GA travelcard with annual invoice. We must receive the cancellation no later than one travelcard month before the last day of validity.

Subject to the applicable notice periods, you can cancel your travelcard at any time. The simplest way is with just a few clicks on, by selecting "Cancel travelcard" under your personal details. Of course you can also cancel your travelcard at a staffed public transport sales outlet or by calling our GA or Half-Fare Travelcard Service Centre. Alternatively you can send your cancellation by e-mail or letter. In your customer account on you can set an e-mail or text message reminder for the possible cancellation date and the last day of validity of your travelcard.

GA travelcard with monthly invoice:

If you hold a GA travelcard which is invoiced monthly, we will inform you of the next possible cancellation date on every invoice. At the end of the first four months of the contract term, you can cancel a GA travelcard with monthly invoice subject to a notice period of one travelcard month to the end of the next travelcard month. The simplest way is with just a few clicks on, by selecting "Cancel travelcard" under your personal details. Of course you can also cancel your travelcard at a staffed public transport sales outlet or by calling our GA or Half-Fare Travelcard Service Centre.

Is my SwissPass data secure?

The SwissPass contains two RFID chips. One chip is used to check the holder's entitlement to public transport services, and the other for ski passes. The chips do not store any customer data. They contain only a technical ID number (media ID).

When the SwissPass is scanned it produces a set of control data. This is just a snapshot and no cross-references whatsoever are made. It does not create a profile of your movements at any time.

Neither SBB nor its licensed transport companies (KTU) process the control data for marketing purposes, pass it on to third parties, or draw conclusions about individuals' consumer behaviour. Use-specific appropriation of the control data is guaranteed at all times.

Furthermore, no unauthorized people have access to the customer data we collected when concluding the contract. This ensures that your data is secure at all times.

Payment options

Will the payment options change with the launch of the SwissPass?

No, you can continue to pay as before.

The first time you buy, the following payment options are available:

Sales channel


SBB Contact Center (order form)

You can pay by credit card or payment slip. If you would like to pay by invoice, the order must reach the SBB Contact Center no later than ten days before the first day of validity.  

SBB Ticket Shop (online)

You can pay by credit card (Visa, Mastercard, American Express Switzerland, Diners Club, JCB, myOne), debit card (PostFinance Card, Reka-Card), prepaid card (Visa/Mastercard) or gift card. 

Sales outlets

You can pay by cash, Reka cheques, vouchers, credit card, debit card or invoice. 


For the next travelcard period, the following payment options are available:

  • Invoice with payment slip
  • Direct debit payment, which is deducted directly from a bank or postal account
  • E-bill via online banking or e-finance
  • At your usual sales outlet by cash, Reka cheques, vouchers, credit card, debit card or invoice


Can I still deposit the GA travelcard?

Yes, you can still deposit your GA travelcard for at least five consecutive days and for a maximum of 30 days per travelcard year. The fee each time you deposit your GA travelcard is CHF 10. It is possible to deposit your travelcard at a staffed sales outlet or by calling the GA Service Center on +41 (0)848 44 66 88 (Mon-Fri from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m., credit card only). In future, you will no longer need to physically deposit your GA travelcard at a sales outlet. We can now deactivate your GA travelcard for the desired time period directly on the SwissPass. Please note: You retain the SwissPass while the travelcard is deposited so that you can continue to use the partner services. We will send you a text message or e-mail reminder at the start and before the end of the deposit period.

Important information for guests from abroad.

From now on you can obtain the tried-and-tested all-in-one ticket for unlimited travel by rail, bus and boat in Switzerland under the new name, Swiss Travel Pass.