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Track 7: Unlimited travel from 7 p.m.

Are you under 25, a Half-Fare travelcard holder and happy to travel in the evenings? Then Track 7 is ideal for you.

Track 7 is an additional card to the Half-Fare travelcard and entitles passengers until their 25th birthday to take any journeys in 2nd class from 7.00 p.m. to 5.00 a.m. – on the entire SBB network (PDF) as well as with numerous private transport companies Important: The night supplement is not included in Track 7. Please purchase this additionally.

This website gives you all information about the best way to order or renew your Track 7 online. Of course, you can also obtain any Track 7 at a public transport point of sale of your choice.

Wherever you buy your Track 7: click on the appropriate category below and you will arrive at the relevant sales channel. If you would like to order your Track 7 at the ticket counter, then print out the Track 7 order slip (PDF), fill it in and bring the required documents with you.

Forgotten your Track 7? You can buy a temporary replacement for a fee of CHF 5 at any staffed ticket counter. This is valid on the evening specified from 7.00 p.m. to 5.00 a.m. the next morning.

Track 7 is not currently available on the SwissPass, i.e. you continue to obtain it as a blue card. You will still require a Half-Fare travelcard and you can obtain it from 1 August 2015 on the SwissPass. The combined card for Track 7 and the 1-year Half-Fare travelcard will no longer be available from 1 August 2015.

Buying or ordering

Purchase Track 7 with credit card online.


You can simply renew your expired Track 7 online, provided you still have a valid Half-Fare travelcard. You will also require a credit card.

Initial purchase.

It is only possible to purchase a new Track 7 online using the order form. You will require a Half-Fare travelcard, a credit card, your passport or ID card2 and an original passport photo1. Our Ticket Shop will help you to complete the order from. Print this out, enclose the documents required and send it all off.

You will receive your Track 7 conveniently by post within 10 days as a plastic card. If you would like your Track 7 to be valid in advance, you have the option of obtaining a temporary travelcard. To do this, please bring the printed out order form and all documents with you to the counter.

Price for Track 7.

Price for Track 7.
2nd class  
Track 7 (as an additional card to the Half-Fare travelcard)CHF 129.00

Documents required.

  • Half-Fare travelcard
  • Debit or credit card (PostFinance Card, Mastercard, Visa, Reka-Card, American Express, Diners, JCB or myOne)
  • Current, good-quality colour, digital passport photo1
  • Passport or ID card²
Your Track 7 will be delivered by post within around 10 days as a plastic card. If you would like your Track 7 to be valid in advance, you have the option of obtaining a temporary travelcard. To do this, please bring the printed out order form as a PDF and all documents with you to the counter.

Order the combined card, Track 7 and 1-year Half-Fare travelcard, with credit card online.

Important: The Half-Fare travelcard has been available on the SwissPass since 1 August 2015, and the Track 7 will continue to be issued on the blue card. For this reason you will now receive 2 cards again: the Half-Fare travelcard on the SwissPass and the blue card with the Track 7. Your existing combined card will remain valid up to the expiry date.


You can no longer renew your expired Track 7 combined card. However, provided you still have a valid Half-Fare travelcard, you can still purchase a new Track 7 card with your Half-Fare travelcard online. You will also require a credit card.

1 Checklist for evaluating the image: front shot; face width on the photo min. 20 mm (max. 35 mm); eyes open, spectacles not covering the eyes; single colour background and even lighting (no shadows); sharp photo with good contrast. Also for digital photos: image size minimum 200 × 250 pixels; file size maximum 2000 KB (JPG); set colour to RGB mode. You will find extended criteria for evaluating photos here.
² Passport or ID card from Switzerland, Germany, Austria, France, Italy or Liechtenstein

Price and product specifications subject to modifications.

The Half-Fare travelcard for 16-year-olds

The Half-Fare travelcard for 16-year-olds.

Have you just had your 16th birthday? Then you can benefit from the Half-Fare travelcard for 16-year-olds at a reduced price for your first Half-Fare travelcard. For the Half-Fare travelcard for 16-year-olds, you pay just CHF 99 instead of the normal price of CHF 185. The offer is valid for all customers whose 16th birthday falls on or after 13 December 2015.

Note: your existing Half-Fare travelcard for 16-year-olds on the blue card remains valid up to the expiry date.

The SwissPass.

Since 1 August 2015 your Half-Fare travelcard has been included on the SwissPass. This is the first stage in a new era for travel on public transport and for your mobility. For the SwissPass is not only the card for your Half-Fare travelcard but it also provides you with simple access to partner services from Mobility Carsharing, PubliBike, SwissMobile and to ski areas.

Order the Half-Fare travelcard for 16-year-olds on the SwissPass here.

Price and product specifications subject to modifications. and gleis7 app

Life & style:

Are you into music, cinema, games and lifestyle? Then you're on the right track with Here you can benefit from exclusive offers with your Track 7, Half-Fare or GA travelcard – and of course access all important information about your travelcard directly online.


Mobile & clever: The gleis7 app.

Always check in with your app before boarding a train. When you arrive at your destination, simply check out again. The kilometres you travel are automatically converted into gleis7 credits and added to your account. gleis7 credits offer you exclusive perks. This means you can benefit from cinema vouchers or discounts on clothes or video games, among other things.

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