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The Moonliner for Berne, Biel-Bienne, Solothurn, Interlaken and Thun.

Offers & prices

  • With the Moonliner network, you can travel at night from Friday into Saturday and Saturday into Sunday until the early hours of the morning.
  • The Moonliner network includes several bus routes from the cities of Berne, Biel-Bienne, Solothurn, Interlaken and Thun.
  • The Moonliner fare applies exclusively (between CHF 6 and CHF 27 depending on the fare zone) on the specially marked Moonliner routes.
  • The GA travelcard, Half-Fare travelcard, regional travelcards, Track 7, etc. are not valid.

Prices, product and timetable specifications are subject to modifications.


Multiple-journey tickets are available from most ticket machines in the Moonliner catchment area. With these, you can travel every 6th time for free.

How to buy

You can buy Moonliner tickets at the ticket machines and also from staff on the Moonliner buses.