Travelling efficiently.

When your employees travel by public transport, there are sustainable savings to be made – environmental savings as well as financial ones.  Work out for yourself just how much you can save. 

Example of savings calculation.

Four times cheaper than travelling by car.

One kilometre by car costs around 65 centimes2. With a GA travelcard, you save 40 centimes per kilometre in 1st class and 50 centimes in 2nd class, i.e. you pay three to four times less. So by funding public transport travelcards instead of paying for kilometres travelled by car, your company can make considerable savings. The more your employees switch from car to public transport, the further you can reduce your travel costs.

High level of saving potential per employee.

  Costs in CHF for car travel1 Costs1 in CHF with a 2nd class GA travelcard Percentage saving Annual effective savings in CHF per employee
Per kilometre 0.652 0.15 77% 12390.00
Per month 1000.003
68% 8140.00
  • 1Based on 25,000 km/year. Annual price of a 2nd class GA travelcard: CHF 3,860
  • 2Example for a vehicle costing CHF 42,000 new, source:
  • 3Flat-rate mobility costs (for leasing/fuel/parking spaces). These costs are an average and are based on empirical data.

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