Invoice Explanation.

SBB invoices business customers every 14 days for the services they have purchased. Below you will find information on the individual items of your invoice.

Example invoice.
Image legend: Example invoice
Term Description
Dossier The term ‘Dossier (file)’ refers to the order number created for the ticket purchase.

To get a better overview of the costs, enter cost allocations into SBB Businessmanager. This simplifies the booking of purchases in your financial accounting. If one or more cost allocations is active, your employees will be asked to select one cost allocation before completing the purchase.

A cost allocation can be a cost centre, a project number, order number, etc. The description and validity period can be chosen freely. Cost allocations are always assigned to a cost centre.

Your company’s travel manager can create and edit cost allocations, and specify or block a certain period of validity.

Referenz-Text Having selected a payment method, you have the option of entering your own text in the ‘Reference’ field. This text appears on the invoice and helps you allocate the invoice item more easily. Here you can enter the name of the passenger, project, or customer, for example.
Besteller The purchaser is the person who bought the ticket using or SBB Mobile. This does not necessarily have to be the passenger. The name of the passenger can be entered under ‘Reference’ if required.
Bezugsdatum  The date of purchase is the date on which the ticket was bought via or SBB Mobile. This may differ from the date of travel. You can find the date of travel in the detailed statistics, which can be downloaded by your company’s travel manager at

The travel manager can create VAT receipts on a quarterly basis for each cost centre. 

After logging into Businessmanager with your SwissPass you will find these under ‘Log in with your SwissPass login’: 

Select the required cost centre in the overview. You will find the ‘Download VAT receipts’ button in the menu on the right. Select the desired quarter and click on ‘Generate’.

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